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Austin's Rite of Spring

Established in 1978, the Statesman Capitol 10,000 has grown to become the largest 10K in Texas and sixth largest in the country. Each year, Austin’s iconic race teems with talent and personality. Experience the 48th annual Statesman Cap10K live on April 6, 2025. This year’s race beneficiary is the Mike & Sherry Project8


April 7, 2024. Forty-seventh Annual 10K. Looking forward to one of our best years.


April 16, 2023. Forty-sixth Annual 10K with 16,258 registered participants.


April 10, 2022. Forty-fifth Annual 10K with 15,256 registered participants. Cross your fingers, wear your lucky socks and drop your loose change in the fountain–there’s only so much you can do, we’ll be ready to run in 22.


April 11, 2021. Forty-fourth Annual 10K with 15,848 registered participants. The pandemic continues to affect our community. In the interest of the health and safety of our participants and in anticipation of the city of Austin significantly modifying or canceling our large-scale in-person event due to recently announced extended restrictions, we are moving our 44th Cap10K race to a virtual format. Virtual runs, organized from 10 local coffee houses across the metro area, are run to commemorate the race.


April 5, 2020. Forty-third Annual 10K with 25,844 registered participants; Gov. Greg Abbott issues executive order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, banning public gatherings of more than 10 people and shuttering restaurant dining rooms, bars, gyms, and schools across the state. The race is officially canceled on March 14, 2020, 21-days prior to the race date. Virtual race format planned for early Summer with 4 iconic routes.


April 7, 2019. Forty-second Annual 10K with 23,268 registered participants; Significant Weather Advisory issued for Austin including severe lightning, hail, and 40 mph winds. The race is officially canceled on March 7, 2019, 1.5-hours prior to the race start.


April 8, 2018. Forty-First Annual 10K with 23,265 registered participants.


April 23, 2017. Fortieth Annual 10K with 21,390 registered participants; Race Director, Jeff Simecek introduces the return of the much-beloved armadillo mascot ‘Dash the ‘Dillo’; Wells Fargo, Reebok, and Deep Eddy Vodka sign on as new multi-year sponsors; Perez Elem., Gorzycki Mdl. & L.B.J. High capture School Team Challenge titles; Austin Fire Department unfurls three-story American flag over start line for the national anthem; Austin Parks Foundation named as new race beneficiary organization and Tomar & The FCs bring soul to the Finish Line Festival in live performance at Vic Mathias Shores.


April 10, 2016. Thirty-ninth Annual 10K with 20,527 registered participants; Jeff Simecek from Statesman’s Community Development Department appointed as new Race Director; Baylor, Scott & White Health signs multi-year presenting sponsor agreement; Allison Mendez defends women’s division for the second year in a row; Drones capture areal footage of the race; Corporate, Social, Nonprofit & School team participation more than doubles; and Quiet Company and The Knight Owls rock the Finish Line Festival on the newly dedicated Vic Mathias Shores.


April 12, 2015. Thirty-eighth Annual 10K with 18,428 registered participants; Allison Mendez wins women’s division a time of 35:01; Participant tech-fabric race shirt introduced; Bloody Mary & Beer Garden and Food Trucks introduced; New CapKids Zone added to Finish Line Festival and Finish Line Festival returns to renovated Auditorium Shores.


April 6, 2014. Thirty-seventh Annual 10K with 15,959 registered participants; Rated “10 Must-Do 10Ks In The United States” by competitor.com; Running USA “7th Largest 10K in the Nation”; New Race Director, Tracey Kennedy announced; Austin Fit Magazine “Austin’s Best of Health & Fitness “Austin Monthly “Readers’ Pick, Best of City: Diversions”.


April 7, 2013. Thirty-sixth Annual 10K with 18,382 registered participants; Half-a-million+ participants since 1978; Jann Girard, 24 years as Race Director retires; New Race Director, John Conley announced; Eric Chirchir wins with a course record time 29:24; Race makes transitions to timing all participants and enhances social media presence & finish line festivities.


March 25, 2012. Thirty-fifth Annual 10K with 22,477 registered participants; Fourth largest attendance in race’s history; Celebrate the 35th Anniversary! The race honors 39 All Year Runners (1978-Present); Austin Fit Magazine awards event “Austin’s Best of Health & Fitness” and Austinite Scott MacPherson wins the race (29:51) second year in a row.


March 27, 2011. Thirty-fourth Annual 10K with 22,932 registered participants.


April 11, 2010. Thirty-third Annual 10K with 20,146 registered participants.


March 29, 2009. Thirty-second Annual 10K with 18,136 registered participants; Race donates $145,586 to Meals on Wheels and More and Austinite Desirée Ficker breaks the 30-34 age group record (34:56).


March 30, 2008. Thirty-first Annual 10K with 16,525 registered participants.


March 25, 2007. Thirtieth Annual 10K with 16,073 registered participants.


April 2, 2006. Twenty-ninth Annual 10K with 13,490 registered participants.


April 2, 2006. Twenty-ninth Annual 10K with 13,490 registered participants; Age groups ranged from 1-95; 98-year-old Sidney Smith participated in the race–oldest participant to date and $226,452 donated to race beneficiary People’s Community Clinic.


March 28, 2004. Twenty-seventh Annual 10K with 14,107 registered participants.


March 30, 2003. Twenty-sixth Annual 10K with 13,444 registered participants; Course record set female 40-44 age group (34:38) and chip timing improved—race results posted for the first time online after the race.


April 7, 2002. Twenty-fifth Annual 10K with 14,872 registered participants.


April 1, 2002. Twenty-fourth Annual 10K with 11,885 registered participants.


April 2, 2000. Twenty-third Annual 10K with 14,370 registered participants; Second Annual Junior ’Dillo Kids Run; Course record set 85 – 89 AG (55:25) and first time Champion Chip timing system implemented.


April 11, 1999. Twenty-second Annual 10K with 14,370 registered participants.


March 29, 1998. Twenty-first Annual 10K with 15,303 registered participants.


April 6, 1997. Twentieth Annual 10K with 14,358 registered participants.


March 24, 1996. Nineteenth Annual 10K with 15,984 registered participants; Governor Bush (43rd President of the United States) participated in race; Course record set female 75-79 age group (1:02); Entry fee was $10 and exciting win by Japan’s Akira Ono (31:43).


March 26, 1995. Eighteenth Annual 10K with 15,650 registered participants.


April 10, 1994. Seventeenth Annual 10K with 17,283 registered participants.


March 28, 1993. Sixteenth Annual 10K with 15,279 registered participants.


April 5, 1992. Fifteenth Annual 10K with 18,821 registered participants; Runners were separated by timed and not timed, making start much more organized and course record set for female wheelchair division (29:54).


April 7, 1991. Fourteenth Annual 10K with 18,855 registered participants.


April 1, 1990. Thirteenth Annual 10K with 21,989 registered participants; Race on April Fool’s Day; Course record set for male 65-69 age group (41:43) and the race started at 8:00 a.m.


March 12, 1989. Twelfth Annual 10K with 16,529 registered participants.


March 27, 1988. Eleventh Annual 10K with 20,041 registered participants.


March 29, 1987. Tenth Annual 10K with 28,341 registered participants; Coldest race day to record with 33 degrees and sleeting conditions; Still the largest turn out in race history and all race registrations were processed manually.


March 23, 1986. Ninth Annual 10K with 24,127 registered participants.


March 17, 1985. Eighth Annual 10K with 19,505 registered participants.


March 20, 1984. Seventh Annual 10K with 20,600 registered participants; Race ranked 2nd largest 10K in the nation; Sidney Smith, (then 80) did race for the 3rd time & continued to participate until age 98—Oldest participant to date and two participants married 15 minutes before the race at the start line & ran in full wedding attire.


March 28, 1983. Sixth Annual 10K with 19,960 registered participants.


March 21, 1982. Fifth Annual 10K with 14,248 registered participants.


March 22, 1981. Fourth Annual 10K with 11,823 registered participants; First woman finisher Tracey Wong (36:34); 200 participants in the 12-and under division and race started at 10:00 a.m.


March 23, 1980. Third Annual 10K with 8,023 registered participants.


March 26, 1979. Second Annual 10K with 5,513 registered participants.


March 12, 1978. First Annual Capitol 10,000; 800 expected, 3,400 registered; Course on Lady Bird Lake Hike & Bike Trail; Entry Fee $3 and Ben Sargent, Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist creates the ’Dillo (armadillo) mascot.

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