Archived Tour Routes

In the fall of 2020, amid the grasp of a global pandemic and business shutdown, Cap10K decided to challenge Austintes to keep their physical health in check. We began the process of measuring, mapping and linking digital tracking apps to custom designed 10K routes in neighborhoods across metro Austin. At a time when we couldn’t meet together, we could share our training experiences virtually by tracking each other on similar training routes. With the triad of Cap10K, Strava and the support of local coffee houses, we were able to bring communities back together with our new concept. Each Sunrise Tour route starts and finishes at a local coffee house and includes resources like printable maps; mile maker street decals; and digital tracking apps to keep athletes on course. The community responded to the challenge by running and walking our routes and backing neighborhood businesses.

The following list is an archive of the Sunrise Tour routes that you can use any time to compliment your training.

sunrise tour

Lone Star Swagger 10K

Presented by Freddo ATX

Est. 2023
Route #36

Freddo ATX
2336 South Congress Avenue
Austin, TX 78704

Montopolis Bridge 10K

Presented by Praxis Coffee Roaters

Est. 2023
Route #35

Praxis Coffee Roasters
114 Linden Street
Austin, TX 78702

Superstition 10K

Presented by Mean Eyed Cat

Est. 2023
Route #34

Mean Eyed Cat
1621 West 5th Street
Austin, TX 78703

Karmadillo 10K

Presented by Cuvée Coffee Bar - Eastside

Est. 2023
Route #33

Cuvée Coffee Bar – Eastside
2000 East 6th Street, Austin, TX 78702

Arbor Trails 10K

Presented by Kerbey Lane - Southwest

Est. 2023
Route #32

Kerbey Lane – Southwest
4301 West William Cannon Drive, Austin, TX 78749

Mueller Tower 10K

Presented by Kerbey Lane - Mueller

Est. 2023
Route #31

Kerbey Lane – Mueller
2200 Aldrich Street, Suite100, Austin, TX 78750

Warehouse District 10K

Presented by Halcyon Coffee

Est. 2023
Route #30

Halcyon Coffee – Warehouse District
218 West 4th Street, Austin, TX 78750

Spicewood Lights 10K

Presented by Lamppost Coffee

Est. 2022
Route #29

Lamppost Coffee – Austin 183
13376 US- 183, Suite 800, Austin, TX 78750

San Gabriel River 10K

Presented by 309 Coffee

Est. 2022
Route #28

309 Coffee
309 South Main Street, Georgetown, TX 78626

Walnut Creek 10K

Presented by Austin Grind

Est. 2022
Route #27

Austin Grind
4005 West Parmer Lane, Suite A, Austin, TX 78727

Southern Lights 10K

Presented by The Meteor

Est. 2022
Route #26

The Meteor
2110 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78704

Round Rock Trails 10K

Presented by Mi Mundo Coffeehouse & Roastery

Est. 2022
Route #25

Mi Mundo Coffeehouse & Roastery
106 South Mays Street, Round Rock, TX 78664

Sassy Cat 10K

Presented by Sa-Tén Coffee & Eats

Est. 2022
Route #24

Sa-Tén Coffee & Eats – Airport
4917 Airport Boulevard, Austin, TX 78751

Cowgirl's Odyssey 10K

Presented by Palomino Coffee

Est. 2022
Route #23

Palomino Coffee
4136 East 12th Street, Austin, TX 78721

White Tail Mesa 10K

Presented by Epoch Coffee

Est. 2021
Route #22

Epoch Coffee – Far West
3900 Far West Boulevard, Austin, TX 78731

Rabbit Briar 10K

Presented by Epoch Coffee

Est. 2021
Route #21

Epoch Coffee – The Village
2700 West Anderson Lane, Suite 409, Austin, TX 78757

The Queen Bee 10K

Presented by The Hive

Est. 2021
Route #20

The Hive
10542 Menchaca Road, Austin, TX 78748

St. Elmo Mustang 10K

Presented by Spokesman Coffee Roasters

Est. 2021
Route #19

Spokesman Coffee Roasters
440 East Saint Elmo Road, Suite A-2, Austin, TX 78745

Over the Fence 10K

Presented by Malone Specialty Coffee

Est. 2021
Route #18

Malone Specialty Coffee
14735 Bratton Lane, Suite 210, Austin, TX 78728

Boggy Creek 10K

Presented by Sa-Tén Coffee & Eats

Est. 2021
Route #17

Sa-Tén Coffee & Eats – The Canopy
916 Springdale Road, Building 3, Suite 101, Austin, TX 78702

Permaculture 10K

Presented by Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden

Est. 2021
Route #16

Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden
121 Pickle Road, Austin, TX 78704

Woodsman's Credo 10K

Presented by Buzz Mill

Est. 2021
Route #15

Buzz Mill
1505 Town Creek Drive, Austin, TX 78741

Far West Summit 10K

Presented by Wholy Bagel

Est. 2021
Route #14

Wholy Bagel – Far West
3637 Far West Boulevard, Austin, TX 78731

Flapjack Classic 10K

Presented by Austin Java

Est. 2021
Route #13

Austin Java
5404 Menchaca Road, Austin, TX 78745

Brentwood Hitch 10K

Presented by Merit Coffee

Est. 2021
Route #12

Merit Coffee – The Triangle
4615 North Lamar Boulevard, Suite 303-A, Austin, TX 78751

Everything's Gonna Be 10K

Presented by Irie Bean Coffee + Beer + Wine

Est. 2021
Route #11

Irie Bean Coffee + Beer + Wine
2310 South Lamar Boulevard, Suite 102, Austin, TX 78704

Master Crane 10K

Presented by Kick Butt Coffee

Est. 2021
Route #10

Kick Butt Coffee
5775 Airport Boulevard, Suite 725, Austin, TX 78752

Das Weg Läufer 10K

Presented by Stouthaus Coffee + Pub

Est. 2021
Route #9

Stouthaus Coffee + Pub
4715 South Lamar Boulevard, Suite 102, Sunset Valley, TX 78745

Gracy Farms 10K

Presented by Houndstooth Coffee

Est. 2021
Route #8

Houndstooth Coffee – The Domain
11501 Rock Rose Ave, Suite 118, Austin, TX 78758

Lake Effect Glow 10K

Presented by Mozart's Coffee Roasters

Est. 2020
Route #7

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters
3825 Lake Austin Boulevard, Austin, TX 78703

Union Expresso 10K

Presented by Summer Moon Coffee

Est. 2020
Route #6

Summer Moon – Buda
316 North Main Street, Buda, TX 78610

South Fork Americano 10K

Presented by Perky Beans Coffee

Est. 2020
Route #5

Perky Beans Coffee
2080 US Hwy. 183, Suite 210, Leander, TX 78641

West Pecan Trails 10K

Presented by West Pecan Coffee + Beer

Est. 2020
Route #4

West Pecan Coffee + Beer
100 West Pecan Street, Pflugerville, TX 78660

East Round Hound 10K

Presented by Houndstooth Coffee

Est. 2020
Route #3

Houndstooth Coffee – E. MLK
2823 East MLK Jr. Blvd., Suite 101, Austin, TX 78702

Electric Vibe 10K

Presented by Radio Coffee & Beer

Est. 2020
Route #2

Radio Coffee & Beer
4204 Manchaca Road, Austin, TX 78704

Lunar Ranch 10K

Presented by Summer Moon Coffee

Est. 2020
Route #1

Summer Moon Coffee – Circle C
5701 West Slaughter Lane, Suite A170, Austin, TX 78749

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