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#1 Calculate Your Pace

When you register for the race you will be asked to give an estimated pace per mile. The pace per mile is different from than estimated finish time. Pace per mile is the pace you are physically fit to sustain on average for 6.2 miles. Why is this important? In order for race officials to start the race in the most efficient manner participants are grouped according to similar paces. Participants in similar pace groups will start faster, travel along the course faster and finish faster.

We’ve made it super easy to look up your pace from a previous race, just click on any of the links below to look up a recent event time. Please use a pace from an event that bests match your sustainable fitness level for 6.2 miles.


If you haven’t participated in a timed race recently, no problem, use one of the Pace Calculator or Pace Chart below to estimate your pace. Record a time from one of your recent training activities and compare it to the chart or log it into the calculator.

Pace Calculator Pace Chart

“Choosing an accurate pace will enhance your race experience and your fellow participants will thank you for it too.”
Dash the 'Dillo

#2 Set-up Registration Profile

Setting up your registration profile in our New EnMotive registration system is easy and has lots of race benefits. With EnMotive all your race day timing stats and photos will be uploaded directly into your runner profile for easy access. In addition, runners have access to make updates or changes to their profile at any time.

Registrant Profile

“Your EnMotive profile catalogs all your running endeavors in one convenient spot.”
Dash the 'Dillo

#3 Race Tees Sized to Fit

When you register for the race you will be asked to choose between two different cuts of T-shirts. The official race shirt is a 65% polyester & 35% rayon fabric shirt which comes in either a men’s/unisex crew neck or women’s v-neck style.

Participants can choose either style of neckline cut for their official race shirt. Take a moment to review the sizing chart below to match your body type with the measurements of each style of shirt. We do not offer shirt size exchanges at the Expo. We do offer shirt size exchanges on race day in the finish line festival and at the Cap10K race office following the race.

Tech Shirt Size Chart

“The new Rayon blended race shirts have a softer feel while maintaining the techie fabric performance that we’ve come to enjoy.”
Dash the 'Dillo

#4 Team Benefits

If you’re participating with a group of friends, family members, or co-workers, why not make a team of it. The team needs to have a Team Captain to get the whole thing started but, after that joining is easy. There is no minimum number of members to create a team and if you hit 35 or more members, you can take advantage of special perks only for Cap10K teams.

For starters, the first 40 teams to reach 35 members and opt into a team table, will receive a reserved picnic table with an umbrella in the Finish Line Festival. Qualifying teams can also opt into bulk team packet prep and pick up before the Expo.

Team Challenge Info

“Super bonus for teams is that the team name is printed on the official race bib along with participant’s name.”
Dash the 'Dillo

#5 Packet Mailing

If you are visiting Austin for the race we can’t wait to see you. We are pleased to offer the convenience of packet mailing but its only available at the time of registration. Packet mailing is a great way to get your race gear ahead of time especially if you’re driving in race morning. Select packet mailing during registration checkout.

“Traveling in from out of town race morning, have your packet mailed and roll straight up to the starting line like a pro.”
Dash the 'Dillo

#6 Registration Protection Plan

The New EnMotive Registration Protection Plan is designed to provide confidence that your registration fee can be recouped due to an unforeseen event. Please read complete Plan information for qualifying events that are protected. The protection plan must be purchased at the time of registration.

Registration Protection Plan

“Sometimes crossing the road is harder than it looks–train with confidence.”
Dash the 'Dillo

#7 Finisher’s Medal Personalization

Commemorate this year’s Cap10K race with a personalized iTAB for your finisher’s medal. The iTAB is a specialty engraved metal tab that fits onto the back of your finisher’s medal with your name and official 2022 race time. Look for the iTAB personalization section during race registration.

Customized iTAB

“With the iTAB, there’s no more tall tales about how fast my time really was.”
Dash the 'Dillo

#8 Sustain the Momentum

Now that you’re registered, let’s keep up the momentum by joining our coffee house tour to get in shape. Through this training program, we’re inviting you to join us weekly to explore custom-designed training routes that start and finish at local coffee houses. Reconnect with friends and meet new ones. Join us at the start line of this satisfying new training opportunity.

Austin’s Coffee House Tour

“Training doesn’t have to be solo, make it a group thing with friends over coffee.”
Dash the 'Dillo

2023 Reg Is Open April 16, 2023