King & Queen of the Hill Challenge

In 2014 the race premiered the first King & Queen of the Hill Challenge to race participants—winners to receive the prestigious polka dot jersey. The King & Queen of the Hill Challenge pits runners to compete up one of the notable hills on W. 15th St. at West Ave. The challenge is from Nueces St. to West Ave., approximately two city blocks. All participants are timed on the hill ascent. The fastest participant times between the two-timing checkpoints on the ascent will be crowned King & Queen of the Hill.

Polka dot jersey awarded to one male and one female in each of the three categories:

  • Overall,
  • Masters
  • Age 14-18
  • Age 11-13
  • Age 10 & Younger

Hilltopper Results 2023


  • Overall: Lori Celum – 00:16 (4:17 mi. pace)
  • Masters: Nicole Ashby – 00:23 (6:10 mi. pace)
  • 19 & Under: Finley Schwenker – 00:25 (6:42 mi. pace)


  • Overall: Connor McSwain – 00:16 (4:17 mi. pace)
  • Masters: Mike Nonemacher – 00:18 (4:50 mi. pace)
  • 19 & Under: Joseph Thibert – 00:19 (5:06 mi. pace)

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