1978 to the Present

Crossing the finish line first on Sunday at the 2014 Statesman Capitol 10,000, Scott MacPherson felt as if he had just completed a marathon. And in a sense, he had. Defying conventional running wisdom, MacPherson ran 20 miles Saturday as part of his training for the coming Boston Marathon. Then on Sunday, he covered the 6.2-mile Cap10K course in a near-record pace of 29-minutes 36-seconds, giving him a weekend total of 26.2 miles.

Historic Women Cap10K Champions

2023Gabriela DeLeon34:395:35
2022Anna West34:395:35
2018Rachel Baptista34:065:29
2017Jennifer Hall36:465:55
2016Allison Mendez36:035:48
2015Allison Mendez35:015:38
2014Chris Kimbrough35:365:44
2013Betzy Jimenez35:275:42
2012Kara June35:025:38
2011Allison Macsas34:525:36
2010Desiree Ficker35:365:44
2009Desiree Ficker34:565:38
2008Desiree Ficker35:455:46
2007Albina Gallyamova35:285:43
2006Albina Gallyamova34:245:32
2005Cassandra Henkiel35:275:43
2004Carmen Troncoso36:115:50
2003Carmen Troncoso34:385:35
2002Albina Gallyamova34:535:37
2001Albina Gallyamova34:575:38
2000Jennifer McNutt37:376:04
1999Cassandra Henkiel35:345:44
1998Sheena Carswell36:585:57
1997Natalie Nalepa*33:435:26
1996Jose Edwards36:185:51
1995Cassandra Henkiel35:025:39
1994Cassandra Henkiel37:296:02
1993Annie Schweitzer35:545:47
1992Debs Holst38:006:07
1991Betsy Schmid36:045:49
1990Janice Reina-Grantham37:085:59
1989Vickie Smith36:465:55
1988Laurie Hart36:185:51
1987Vickie Smith34:585:38
1986Susan Allyn36:125:50
1985Anne Pewe33:285:23
1984Lynn Huntington34:345:34
1983Tracy Lynn Wong35:105:40
1982Betsy Haydock35:515:46
1981Tracy Lynn Wong36:345:53
1980Hope Wilson38:186:10
1979Francie Larrieu Smith33:165:21
1978Laura Mclntyre38:226:11

*2020-21 No times recorded due to executive order by state’s governor to cancel public events amid global health pandemic.
*2019 No times recorded due to inclement weather race cancelation.
*1997 Race course record on USAT&F certified course.

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