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Race Ambassadors

The Statesman Capitol 10,000, presented by Baylor Scott & White Health, is pleased to announce 44 local running enthusiasts as race ambassadors and brand representatives for the 48th race on April 6, 2025.

“The Cap10K is about community and commitment. So who better to represent our 48th race than 44 inspirational members of Austin’s running community,” said Jeff Simecek, Cap10K race director. “We are absolutely thrilled to partner with local runners who are outgoing, fitness-minded, and socially active individuals. They will bring their respective areas of expertise to our race.”

A Runner's Perspective

Our ambassadors offer personal training tips and experiential advice leading up to the big day.  Follow our monthly ‘A Runner’s Perspective’ blog for motivational conversations that keep Cap10K participants moving forward.


The Cap 10k was the first race I did when I moved to Austin in 2005 and one of my first fond memories of becoming an Austinite. I remember the excitement of the huge crowd of people starting the race on the Congress Avenue Bridge. It felt like a rock concert.
With the Capitol of Texas in our foreground, Lady Bird Lake (then Town Lake) beneath us, and live music in the air, it couldn’t have been more Austin.


I started running as a way to let out some anxiety during undergrad. I think what I love most about it is it’s just you and the pavement. There’s no gear, people, or fluff needed to get out there. When I am trying to plan my run, I LOVE using Nike Run Club – totally free with great runs for beginners! When I think back, Orangetheory though really instigated my love for running. The music and supportive atmosphere made running my first 2-3 miles feel fun! I’ve led a pretty stressful life and never found anything that would shift my entire mindset and mood in 5 minutes. I’m so grateful and thrilled to have the opportunity to share this with other people!


Hi I’m Josh! I started running in middle school and never stopped. I started off running short distances and fell in love with long distance running when I ran my first half marathon in Houston. Running has been a great way for me to meet new friends, running groups and compete all over the state in local races.


I started running to prove to myself that I could do hard things. I didn’t expect to fall in love with everything about running! Now, running has become so much more to me. I run for community, friendship, peace, and daily dose of therapy. The friendships I have made through running have changed my life and I can’t wait to bring my energy and love for running to the entire Austin and Cap10k community! Let’s run!


About 5 years ago, my personal life turned upside-down. After 18 years of marriage, I was unexpectedly single again. I decided to start running. At the time, running became my attempt at turning my life back around. I was overweight, depressed and lonley. I started noticing changes in my thoughts and emotions after a few weeks, and started noticing changes in my body after a few months. I found a group of amazing people to run with on a regular basis that helped to keep me motivated, and actively involved with living my life, and moving forward. Now, I can’t envision my life without running and the people I have met because of it. I love race days, the Sunrise Tour, and all of the swag that goes along with it.


I run because of the fantastic run community I have found here in Austin. I’ve made new friends, explored new hobbies, and traveled different places as a result of running. You can find me usually in the back or possibly middle depending on the run group.


I am originally from Medellin, Colombia where road cycling is king, but I love the “get up and go” nature of running. The fact that you can do it on a whim and all you need is some good shoes and a good attitude. I’m usually out there with my trusty Garmin FR35 which is an older model without the bells and whistles and what only what I need; my mile time.

My running journey began when I decided to run a marathon in memory of a friend who had passed away recently. The motivation was there but the training was a long, arduous process that I did completely alone. I managed to finish the marathon but looked around and saw that running with some company was much better than running alone. I joined my first run group (RAW Running) and the rest was history. I absolutely love to encourage others in their fitness journey and be a mentor to their runner progress (and first races). I love how when we come together we get to witness each other at our most pure (and exhausted). There’s no facade or pretenses, just hard effort and sweat. Lots of sweat. Nothing bonds people like collective exhaustion, and nothing brings smiles like a hug at the finish line.

The running community is hands-down the most rewarding and inclusive I’ve ever been a part of, mostly because we are all united under one passion. To be the best possible version of ourselves. Simple as that.

Hope to see you at the Statesman Capitol 10K!


Hello to the Cap10k community! I’m Bri Hinchey, and I’m proud to be an ambassador this year, and have the opportunity to share my thoughts and experiences with you. I began my running journey in a remote part of East Texas, a heavily forested area with lots of windy dirt roads. There, I’d take nature walks or short jogs as a teen, and I’ve never really stopped! I’d say the pandemic was a turning point for me though–one that prompted me to aim for more mileage to curb the anxiety I felt as a public educator working in unprecedented times. Since then, I’ve stuck with the practice, running three times a week, sometimes solo, but often with a group (there are many excellent ones to choose from in our area!) In this way, running has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle, keeping me both active and social through thick and thin.


I started running in high school to spend quality time with my dad, a long-time marathon runner who run-coached for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Team-In-Training for many years. Running with him helped me in other sports I played – baseball, tennis, etc.

Over the last 30 years of off-and-(mostly)on running, I’ve learned many invaluable life lessons along the way – namely patience, determination, and the value of hard work and dedication.

I’ve met many amazing people through running and absolutely love the Austin running community. I hope to see y’all at the Cap 10K race!


I started running in 2018 because I wanted to get in better shape. At first it was difficult for me to run a mile without taking a break. Now I run for the camaraderie and competition. I love sharing my passion for the sport with anyone that will listen.


I started running eighteen years ago to help me through my college years. Running has always been a running buddy of mine while cheering me on through various seasons of life. I love running so much that I started a free running group in my small town called The Buda Running Club, in hope that others will feel safe in a community where you don’t have to run alone. I sincerely hope to run for the rest of my life and share my joy with others by inviting them for many miles and smiles.


I use the Garmin Forerunner 935. I like to track the mileage on my shoes & heart rate zones feature. Running has been my lifestyle (hobby) for the last 23 years. I feel alive when I’m running, I love being surrounded by the running community and enjoy sharing my experience. I’ve run 55 marathons and I look forward to finishing the Marathon Majors. I only need the London & Tokyo marathon to complete.


I got into running for the race T-shirts and stayed for the aid station snacks. 😉 I have been doing endurance activities for many years to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new. After having long COVID, I am (an even slower) runner, biker and triathlete, yet they are still the best ways for me to spend time with others, meet new people, find new places (destination races!) and keep a healthy lifestyle. Running has an amazing community of people who are welcoming, disciplined and supportive; they inspire me to become better. “Show me who you hang out with, and I will show you who you are.”


My running journey began when I realized I was not a spring chicken anymore, and I really wanted to accomplish the goal of being able to run a mile. Little did I know on my first attempt at running, over a decade later here I am completing a 10K multiple times a year, and finally achieving my long-term goal of completing an official half-marathon earlier this year! I joined the community of Cap10K Finishers in 2018 and have met some amazing people along the way. Each year I have learned something new about myself and have valued the time spent training.
Lately, I walk more than I run these days (especially with our hot Texas summers), but I still make it a daily habit to lace up my HOKA shoes, turn on my Map My Run app on my Apple Watch, and get out with my dog to log those miles. I encourage anyone interested in beginning their own running journey to consider being part of the Statesman Cap10K Community.


I’m a product manager in tech, a career coach, a YouTube creator, and an immigrant who speaks three languages. I began running seven years ago when I moved to the US from Russia because I didn’t have money for a gym membership. Two years ago, I made the decision to quit drinking alcohol and started dedicating more time to running. I completed my first marathon at the age of 36, and just a year later, I ran my most successful marathon, which allowed me to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Running has become an integral part of my daily routine, enabling me to build a strong sense of community, make new friends, and cope better with stressful situations. Additionally, I am a single mom raising a nine-year-old girl who shares my passion for running and aspires to be like her mom.

PS: I use Apple Watch for tracking, nothing coolest, just a watch for me 🙂


My love of running and racing started 10 years ago when I was inspired by my grandma who decided to complete 5 half marathons to celebrate being 5 years cancer free. I decided to race with her, and since then I have been addicted to the camaraderie, challenge and overall excitement of race days. Now I share that joy with my kids and love to race anything from 5ks to half marathons with my toddlers in their double stroller. I love that everything from casual group runs, to large organized marathons and all the solo training in-between leaves me feeling strong and exhilarated.


My running journey began in 2018 with a program organized by Hyderabad Runner, India, called “Kouch to 5K (K25K)”. This marked my first foray into the world of sports, and running has since become more than just a sport for me; it’s a way of life.
I run to rejuvenate myself, to start the day with renewed energy, and to break free from the monotony of routine. Most importantly, it’s a time I dedicate solely to myself.
Running has unveiled the hidden strength within me, introducing me to a world I never thought I’d explore. It has also opened doors to new connections, allowing me to meet fellow runners, learn from their experiences, and discover new places together.
Running has transformed my life, and I’m grateful for the opportunities and self-discovery it has brought.


Hi, I’m is currently a freshman at a local high school in Austin. I’m also a member of the cross-county and track team. I was inspired to run after seeing my older brother, Christian, race in high school and qualify and to run in the Texas Relays. I’ve also been exposed to running by my mother, Cassandra (Cap10K Ambassador), who coached and has run over forty-five marathons. I’m determined and motivated to encourage more teenagers, family, and friends to participate in the largest 10K in the state. I’m enthusiastic about running and thrilled to be a Statesman Cap10K Ambassador.


I first got the “comezón” (itch) towards the possibility of running when I cheered on a friend who ran a half marathon in Seattle, WA. I was so proud of her accomplishment and felt energized by the running community who showed up that day. Growing up in Mexico and then the Rio Grande Valley, running was just not something that people in my immediate circle did, yet I was intrigued by the possibility.

Fast forward, two years and I began to show up for a C25K training program that another friend recommended. We would run together early in the morning at least once a week and I’d show up on my own two other days. After a month of training, I ran my first 5K in a local race in Pflugerville and I felt elated. I had done something that I never imagined could be a part of my identity.

Since then, I’ve gone to run several other 5K races, a few 10K races (including the Cap 10K) and my very first half marathon. I am by no means a fast runner, but I am definitely a finisher. I continually challenge myself to keep going even when life gets hectic and I fall off my running stride. I am grateful for my local running community, the Pfun Runners, who include, motivate, and encourage me to continue to get out there and conquer more miles. I am also glad to be a part of the Cap 10K Ambassador program to help support others who are in their own running journey.

La primera vez que sentí la comezón de la posibilidad de correr surgió cuando fui a apoyar a una amiga en su carrera de medio maratón en Seattle, WA. El siguiente año, complete mi primera carrera de 5K después de seguir un programa C25K con otra amiga, y me causó mucha emoción. Desde entonces, he participado en varias carreras de 5K, algunas carreras de 10K (incluyendo el Cap 10K) y mi primer medio maratón. No soy una corredora muy rápida pero si una que termina y que sabe el poder de la comunidad como ímpetu e inspiración para alcanzar nuestras metas.


I started walking with Austin Front Runners (AFR) and with their encouragement I increased my mileage and I ran my first marathon in 2017. You can find me running with AFR, Gilbert’s Gazelles, The Morning Jo’s and Fleet Feet Austin. I run for fun and to make new friends. I love Austin’s running community because we encourage each other to succeed.


I first started running in college as a way to relieve stress and get some exercise, but it’s since become so much more. I got more into running when I moved to Austin, and the easiest way to meet new people was to join some run groups. This led me to North Austin Run Club and East Side Beer Runners, where I got to make so many new friends with shared interests. Stemming from these groups, I started signing up for fun runs and brewery 5Ks to explore my new surroundings. I’m continuing to branch out ever further for fun and unique 5K and 10K events that support charitable causes and showcase different places.


I started running with my dad, mom, and brother to chase the ducks on the trail when I got tired of sitting in the stroller. Later on, I joined the Special Olympics track and field team because I loved running with friends and earning medals. My first road race was the ‘Statesman Junior ‘Dillo Kids Run’ in 2012. After that, I developed a passion for running and walking with others to earn medals and make friends.

I want to continue this journey because it’s fun to walk and run with others, and because I want my friends and others to know that we are capable of achieving challenging goals.


I began running to complement my yoga practice. I had dabbled in running for years, but it really stuck with me about four years ago when I met the fantastic group of Pfun Runners. Having the social aspect of a running group was a great motivator. Now, I run or do yoga (or both) almost every day!


I started running in 2018 and I quickly found the Pfun Runners group in Pflugerville. They are a local running group that meets up at West Pecan Coffee every Saturday. I have met many friends through the group and they hold me accountable to move my body.


My dad used to run long-distance trail races in the 90s and early 2000s, so when I wanted to get more active in high school, I picked up running. I did my first half marathon in 2012 and my first marathon in 2014. Since then, running has become a key part of my life. I love both road and trail running. In every city I’ve moved to, I’ve found friends through running and its brought me to some wonderful places.


I started running 10 years ago when my friend from work talked me into doing triathlons. I enjoy swimming and biking but the running is my favorite. I go to weekly runs with Rise and Rise South Austin.


I have always been involved in sports and running as part of staying active. Now that I am older; my running has idled down to walking which still helps me to be able to do things that I enjoy. The Cap10K is a great way to be active and see/meet the people of Austin.


Running has been a part of my life since I can remember. After 3 achilles surgeries, I was forced to do more walking than running for a time but always needed to show up to the Cap10k social runs (I even showed up in a knee scooter in 2019 – I’m sure I looked ridiculous). I truly enjoy staying active, exploring the city and its trails and being inspired by others whether it be meeting new people or seeing some of my favorite regulars to keep me motivated.


I started running after my friend convinced me to sign up for a half marathon and then no-showed on race day. The race was absolutely electric and I signed up for more races. In 2019, I joined my running group Rise and Run South Austin and the rest is history. What was once a couple events a year is now part of my daily routine.


I started running in 1999 after a challenge to complete a mile at Camp Mabry. I caught the running bug that ignited me to start training for a marathon right then. Today, after completing over 35 marathons, 50 half marathons, and many Cap10ks, I am addicted to the thrill of running. You can find me running the streets of Austin most days of the week with an amazing group of women that I have surrounded myself with that also have a passion for running. I run for the workout, social enjoyment, and love the Austin running community.


I am currently the Running Ambassador at Dick’s Sporting Goods, Cedar Park Texas, where I help athletes with a personalized approach to gait analysis, running shoe/gear fittings and training tips.

I started running by doing a 10 mile race with a friend in Central Park in Manhattan and got hooked. Over 40 years now, I’ve run over 400 races, from a mile to a Marathon, including 8 New York Marathons. I’ve also done competitive runs up tall buildings, trails and even horse racing tracks.

My passion now is helping others get into running for the health, well-being and social benefits. I am currently coaching a group for Austin Runners Club.

My 2022 races include the Capitol 10K in Austin, Pittsburgh Half Marathon and Zilker Relays. I also really enjoy long distance relays and just finished Hood to Coast in Oregon and will do Ragnar Reach the Beach in New Hampshire mid Sept 2022.


I was inactive for many years until 2019 when I rediscovered that I liked running. I joined several running groups, including Sports Bra Squad, Rise and Run South Austin, and ATX Runners. Their energies were contagious. Long story short 9 months after I started running with these groups, I ran my 1st half marathon in February 2020.

Now, I run for fun. Running clears my head, heals my heart, and lifts my spirit. Running brought great people into my life and I look forward to attending races with my running friends and enjoying the surroundings.


I am a native Austinite and avid endurance athlete. I am a Customer Experience Strategist and a certified RRCA running coach. I participate in various running, biking, and triathlon events. The Cap10K was the first organized race that I participated in at the age of 8 in 1988. I have subsequently run the Cap10K so many times I have lost count. I enjoy running to set a goal and training to achieve it. I also love running races to earn the medals. I am registered for the Austin Distance Challenge half track in 2022-2023. This is my 10+ year to run the Cap10K. I am proud to be an ambassador to promote the Cap10K.


My story on running is about overcoming what I feared-> before 2015, I did not think I could run long distances. Thanks to my brother encouraging me to sign up for my first half marathon and then training with me, I conquered my own self-doubt. Since then, running has brought confidence, joy, friends, and good health to my life. Sharing a quote that has driven me to run, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” (Eleanor R.) Hopefully, this motivates you to pound the pavement and enjoy the same benefits, see you out there.


I love running! Being outdoors, feeling the rhythm of my breath, exploring the world, and helping to reunite lost dogs with their humans – running brings countless opportunities for joy! Over the years, I have done (and still do) many races: team relays, obstacles, tris, 5ks, 10ks, halfs, and one marathon. I am a mentor for Fleet Feet Round Rock’s 5k training program and seeing peoples’ mindset shift from ‘I could never run a mile’ to ‘it’s only 3.1 miles’ never ceases to make me smile. Like Kathrine Switzer said, “Life is for participating, not for spectating” and I feel very blessed to be a Cap10Ks Ambassador and help grow our running community.


I started running in the fall of 2016, after attending a few of Fleet Feet’s social run/walk events with a good friend. She had been thinking about getting back into running and I thought “why not try it out”. Little did I know how important running would become to me. Through running, I’ve made lifelong friends and I’ve been fortunate enough to become a member of the Pfun Runners. The group has been a constant source of motivation and laughs! We enjoy running on Saturday mornings starting from our local coffee shop, West Pecan Coffee + Beer. Afterward, we reward ourselves with tacos from Pflugerville Taco House. So far, I’ve completed 12 half marathons and I have 4 more to complete in the coming months!


What started as a way to get out of the house, clear my mind, and explore new places in Austin– has evolved into a passion for running. My newfound passion has led me to meet so many amazing people within the Austin Running Community. I love sharing my experiences and challenges with my students at the Texas School for the Deaf — GO RANGERS!


Running has been a part of my life for 23 years. Through running, I have made new friends and traveled to new places. I have experienced the joys and pains of the sport that tend to help put things into perspective. I have run countless 5k, 10k, and half marathon races and have done a handful of trail races. This year I was waiting for the arrival of my first baby who was due on October 1. During the pregnancy, I had to scale back on the distance but running still brought joy. Up through about 8 months of my pregnancy, I managed to do daily walks and shorter runs, and I’ve been keeping tabs on the running community. Baby girl arrived early on September 26, and we are super happy. Hopefully, someday she’ll be a runner. I am very excited to have been chosen as an ambassador for the Statesman Capitol 10k and look forward to motivating others to join the run.


I’m many things. A single mom. A school librarian. A Harry Potter fanatic. I’ve long wanted to add “runner” to that list.

I’ve always admired runners — their endurance, their dedication. I wanted to be someone who could go out and run 3 or 4 miles with no problem. But every time I tried, I got injured. In 2017, though, I decided to give it one more try. I joined a 5k group at Fleet Feet and that’s when it all came together. I made friends and running became more than just exercise. Now, I’m part of an amazing group that is based in Pflugerville and runs all over Austin — the Pfun Runners. We are runners of all ages, sizes, and abilities, but more than anything we are a family. I love exploring different parts of the city by running the streets and trails, and I’m looking forward to traveling for races. Running has changed everything, and I love it.

Now I can say that I am a mom, a school librarian, a Harry Potter fanatic, and a RUNNER!


Like almost every human on the planet, I started running shortly after I started walking and just haven’t stopped. Racing came after I got spanked in elementary school for running in the hall too much and got sent to the track team to utilize that energy. I once even put off brain surgery to run a marathon. Running is my therapy and how much I run tells you how badly I need therapy.


I started running when I met my husband in 2001. Our favorite place was and still is the loop around the lake between Lamar and Mopac. Few years later a friend invited me to run the Chosen Half and now I run for fun, to stay active and to meet new friends motivated by my family and my group Rise and Run South Austin.


coming soon.


My family has been involved in the running community since I can remember (My father running 40/45 Cap10k’s.) So I wanted to follow in their running footsteps- and I’ve been in love with running ever since. If I’m not running a race, my favorite thing to do is go out, BE LOUD and cheer on other runners.


I initially used running as a way to control my weight. Before I knew it, I realized I wasn’t doing it anymore for that reason. I was doing it because I looked forward to it! I love running in races, cheering on fellow runners and the early morning long runs with friends and family.

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