Make your move. Claim your city.

Announcing Cap10K’s partnership with is a gamified movement app turning any outdoor walking and running into a giant game of turf war. As you move through your city, you can claim or steal those parts of town from other runners in your city, all while tracking your mile pace, distance, splits, and other stats!

Check out the game and download the app & join the Cap10k team – let’s claim Austin for the biggest race in the state!

Choose Your Team

Whether you want to join forces with your best friends or favorite club, you can team up and mark the map for your squad. 

Hit Your Route

Run. Walk. Fast. Slow. As long as you’re moving, you can claim any part of town for your team.

Claim Your Turf

Every area you claim will be marked with your team or clubs colors or logo so others know who has acquired a block.

Track Your Progress

Like other trackers, we’ll record your distance, time, calories, and more so you can be on to of your game.

Step 1

Download App

Track your fitness activity with Strava. Record your run, map a route & analyze your training with all the stats at your fingertips – for free!

Whether you’re training for a 10K or simply love tracking your fitness, turn your smartphone or GPS watch into a sophisticated tracker with Strava. Join millions of athletes and active people and reach your fitness goals!

Step 2

Join our Teams

Connecting our community is at the heart of the team experience, connect with runners from around the city, country and even the globe — this is the best part! We have two teams: Statesman Capitol 10K and Sunrise Tour.


Step 3

Get out the Door

All you have to do is make a commitment to getting started. If you need a little encouragement join one of the clubs in our city wide index or just find an event on our local events calendar. 

Game Tools



Attack is your ability to steal turf from opposing teams. Every time you move through a block your team doesn’t own, you will lower the “health” of that block by your Attack stat. If your attack stat is greater than the health of the block, it’ll flip from their team to yours.



Defense is your ability to steal turf from opposing teams. Every time you move through a block you own, you will increase the “health” of that block by your Defense stat. If you move through an area owned by Cap10k that has 100 health, and you have 100 defense, then the health will now be 200. This means another team player would have to have 200 attacks or more in order to steal it – you can eyeball this by seeing the thickness of the color on the grid.



The Domain tab is where you can see all the blocks you own around the world. Each block you own gives you 1 coin per hour you own it. Those coins can be used to buy in-game items that can increase your attack, increase the range of blocks you can attack or defend, increase your defense, or lower the health of enemy turf without going through it.



Blocks are the sections of the city that are claimed. Blocks being claimed means that you and your team have ownership of it. On the map, the block will be Cap10K colors with your logo on it. In order to steal or have it stolen from you, an enemy teams member must move through it via walking or running.

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