Nutrition: What is your favorite sports nutrition product and why?

The Honey Stinger 🍯 waffles are so yummy and light on the stomach. You can eat them before, during and after a run without getting an upset stomach. I usually carry one with me on my long runs for an easy bite when I get hungry. They give me the energy to finish my run. My favorite is the vanilla flavor.


Nutrition is an important part of training. My favorite snack before any long run is a CLIF Bar Mini. I found them at HEB and love them. They are about half the size of a normal bar, which is perfect for pre-run nutrition. When I’m running longer distances, more than 6, I snack on Gu Energy Gel. I’m partial to the berry and citrus flavors, but I know a lot of people who like chocolate. Huma Chia Energy Gel is another favorite. I use gels about halfway through my long runs to make sure I stay hydrated and energized.


One gel that I discovered to help me get through long distance runs were Hammer Gels (Raspberry). I can have a sensitive stomach during a race and I found that Hammer Gels work well with that. Plus the flavor is not too overpowering and it does its job by boosting my energy level.


I really like the GU energy chews when I’m doing a longer run. They provide a good source of energy and the watermelon flavored chews are delicious. Drinking liquids during runs gives me stomach aches and the chews are a great alternative.


Liquid IV is my absolute favorite drink mix. I used it throughout all my long summer training runs and I never felt depleted!


I’m a Honey Stinger Chews fan because I like the flavors, not overly sweet, have both caffeinated and non-caffeinated, and are not as chewy as many other chews.


Oh, so, so many answers for this- I am a fan of many nutritional products. For basic nutrition I like GU salted watermelon energy chews and blueberry sports waffles. These are quick energy during a workout /run/ride and are easy on my stomach.

For longer multi-hour workouts/ runs/rides, I really like Tailwind too. I was surprised but find it really does satiate me even though it is only liquid.

Last, I like SwissRX Nitric Oxide supplement, which helps your red blood cells carry more oxygen. Nitric Oxide is found naturally in foods like beets, but this is a concentrated dose which, research supports, helps your muscles work harder during an event. I personally think this helps compensate for my asthma also. I like this when I am doing a race or really long effort, intervals or high intensity, or if I am at elevation.

For an Honorable mention, a longtime favorite of mine for long endurance efforts remains the plain old salted, boiled potato. After a while, I don’t want anything sweet anymore, so the savory taste is welcome. Plus, they are good, quick energy and easy to pack.



I prefer Maruten Black Gel for during race energy. The texture is a bit odd at first, but it is one of the few energy snacks I’ve tried that doesn’t upset my stomach while running. The downside is that they are notoriously difficult to find.


Hands down, my top pick for sports nutrition is the Maurten Hydrogel Sports Fuel gel. What sets it apart is the game-changing hydrogel technology it boasts, making it super gentle on my stomach even during intense workouts. I love that they keep it straightforward with just a handful of ingredients, no unnecessary colorants or preservatives. Plus, it’s a win for all my plant-based pals out there since it’s vegetarian and vegan-friendly. This gel isn’t just fuel; it’s a stomach-friendly, no-frills game-changer in my sports nutrition routine.


I’ve been using the Nuun electrolyte tablets for a few years now. I really like the flavor. I normally put them in a large 32oz bottle of water instead of a smaller water bottle.


I’m a big fan of oatmeal, not because Kipchoge ate it before winning the 2023 Berlin Marathon (although that’s a fun fact!). It’s my favorite breakfast, and I love it savory. This might surprise people, but I love oatmeal with cheese, eggs, or even soy sauce or pesto sauce.


My favorite electrolyte drink is Tailwind, it uses a blend of carbohydrates designed to be easy on the stomach and they have many delicious flavors.


I absolutely LOVE Soylent. Would not recommend for pre-run but helpful for recovery post-run. It’s packed with 20g of plant-based protein, healthy fats, and 20% of all your daily vitamins and minerals – the latter is a SUPER rare find among other energy drinks. You can find it at H‑E‑B, Walmart, Amazon, or directly on the Soylent website to subscribe to regular shipments!


Clif Shot Double Expresso – I look forward to enjoying a cup of coffee after my run, so this is nice treat while running! The gel isn’t too sweet and the constancy is just right for me.


My favorite sports drink is Gatorade Lemon Lime flavor. During longer runs, Clif Bar’s Black Cherry Flavor Shot Blok with Caffeine helps my energy level to finish. Post run, I love a shot of Wheat Grass to recover from feeling so drained especially during summer runs.


Wild Cherry Gatorade Zero to drink and Clif Shot Bloks to keep me going.


I really enjoy Bio Steel Peach Mango hydration mix. It’s just so refreshing after a workout, and it’s not overly sugary so I don’t get a sugar crash from it!


I love Nuun. During hot summer days and after a long run it helps refuel my body, especially if the workout was particularly difficult. I started using Nuun a few years ago and honestly don’t know how I got by before. The electrolytes are an incredible re-hydration tool. When I lived with two other runners, all three of us loved Nuun and would find the little tubes everywhere in our apartment.


Since my stomach is a jittery, paranoid little thing when it comes to sports nutrition, I’ve come to rely on things I grew up on as a kid (before I ever dreamed of running) since it is “familiar” and it won’t overreact to it. Which has lead to my childhood favorite snack bizarrely being really effective for my long runs and even races. So yes, that’s me eating ridiculous amounts of blueberry Nutrigrain bars on the side of the road. Please don’t judge.


The nutrition products I love the most are the Honey Stinger Energy Chews and hydration mix. These work great for me on my long run days.


During runs I always carry hydration and nutrition. Gatorade is my go to but if I run out during a race I will use nuun. I like the GU gels for nutrition. I also use salt tabs especially when the weather gets a little warmer to make sure I stay in top of things and don’t fall behind.


My go-to is Liquid IV! I first tried it during the Texas Independence Relay last year, and it really helped to keep me hydrated on those hot days and long nights.


Clif Shot Bloks, they feel like the ones with caffeine give you the right jolt. I put them in the back of my mouth when I see a water stop and then take them down with that.


I like Skratch Lab drink mix, not too sweet, easy to drink and really seems to help stay hydrated with electrolytes. For long distance relays, eg Ragnars, I always pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Easy to digest, eat on the run and a quick energy boost!


I only use 3 sports nutrition products: Clif Bloks, Nuun, and Stinger waffles. Clif Bloks I use for my runs, Nuun (Strawberry Lemonade to be exact) for my electrolyte addition to water during runs and bike rides, and Stinger waffles for bike rides. I have a sensitive stomach when it comes to eat and drinking during exercise and horrible race nutrition habits (I definitely under-do it) however these 3 products have done wonders for me. I can feel them giving me the extra oomph I need and they don’t upset my stomach at all.


My favorite sports nutrition product is Nuun hydration. They have tabs and mixes that you add to water to hydrate and replenish electrolytes. It comes is a variety of flavors and they have a variety of products with different benefits like immune support, energy, endurance etc. The product is effective at keeping me hydrated without causing any digestive issues.


For a race or run 13.1 miles and shorter, routine for me to have Clif bar (specifically Peanut Toffee Buzz)
Love that it has caffeine and does the job for my fuel. I have to also suggest the use of Hammer Gel (specifically Montana Huckleberry) Although not so easy to find out of most of the Hammer Gels, it’s my favorite out of all them. Easiest gel I’ve found for my stomach I believe because they’re natural products free of added sugars, artificial colors, flavors, chemicals and preservatives.


When it comes to nutrition and running, you must fuel your body not just on race day – do it every day! Staying hydrated with water and eating healthy meals with lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will boost your overall health and enhance your athletic performance. On race day, I keep a couple Hüma Gel ( packets with me. They are my go-to because the ingredients are simple – pureed fruit, sea salt, ground up chia seeds, and brown rice syrup – and since there is extra water added, they are not as goopy/sticky as other products. They are very gentle on my tummy too! I feel good about supporting the company, which is veteran owned and focused on using natural ingredients.


My favorite nutrition product is a good old fashion potato with salt. I like it diced and ready for me to grab and eat. Potatoes are beneficial to runners because it provides a good source of energy.


In my training I use ‘Nuun’ for hydration. I was first introduced to Nuun by one of my friends after I was complaining of cramping during my summer trainings. They have a ton of different flavors– which taste great both pre and post run. (My favorite is Strawberry Lemonade)


My favorite sports nutrition product is Nuun. It gives me the needed electrolytes for runs and it tastes good. Also, there is no sugar.