What is your top turkey day feast side dish and do you run/walk on Thanksgiving Day?

My usual Thanksgiving tradition is to run the Austin Turkey Trot with my niece before going to my sister’s house where she’s cooked a fantastic dinner. Thanksgiving is her big dinner she takes responsibility for. We usually have some friends who eat with us and others who drop by later for dessert.



I did my first Turkey Trot last year in Irving with my sister-in-law and niece. It was a fantastic way to start the day and I hope to do it again this year. My favorite Thanksgiving side dish is green bean casserole. Yum!



Every Thanksgiving my stepmom and I do the neighborhood Turkey Trot, and I always bring pumpkin donuts over for us to eat after we run. It’s my favorite tradition each year, we do it no matter if we have dinner with my family or my Husband’s family. We are slowly enticing the rest of the family to join us on the run so our tradition is growing!



I always look forward to my moms mac and cheese side dish every year for thanksgiving because it always taste so good. A close second side dish are mashed potatoes. A Turkey day tradition I’ve always done is running a local 5k so I can make room for the dinner ham.



Our Thanksgiving family tradition is definitely to get up to do a turkey trot run. When my kids were younger, we would do our own turkey trot on a paved trail and my kids would bike or scooter while we ran. Before my brother died, he would join us as well, and we would have a Thanksgiving breakfast ‘picnic’ afterwards, including coffee, hot chocolate and pumpkin bread. Not all of my family still get up to run, but I always do , and I can usually get at least one of my kids up to run with me!


Boxed Stove Top Turkey Stuffing. Yes, I usually run the ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot in Austin, TX.



I became a Vegan 2.5 years ago so no Turkey for me just fresh veggies, roasted potatoes & salad. For dessert I eat fresh fruit. I typically run on Thanksgiving morning with the ATX Runners. It’s a 6 hilly mile run.



Side dish: Mashed Potatoes – all day, every day. Mashers are so versatile, but there are two techniques I use to up my mashed potato game. 1) Use a potato ricer instead of a masher 2) Steep your favorite herbs and garlic in warmed cream/butter before adding them to your riced potatoes.

As far as running, I love me a good Turkey Trot. I ran the Thundercloud Turkey Trot for the first time last year, and it was a blast!



My turkey day tradition involves traveling to visit my Granny in Pasadena, TX. She’s 91 years old, but still throws down an impressive spread every year (I’m pretty sure she can do it blindfolded at this point).

In terms of sides, it mashed potatoes all the way! And my Granny makes ’em super smooth, almost like a meringue. Turkey gravy is a necessary. Second-place goes to spoon-bread, a heart-healthy configuration of corn meal, sour cream, and cheese. Jk, it’s not even remotely heart-healthy, but delightful all the same.

Post-feast, I take a walk with my son in the neighborhood in an effort to ward off a food-coma (though, sometimes, I’m just not strong enough). Venting about family shenanigans may or may not transpire during this time.



My turkey day tradition is to start off with a turkey trot or run some miles before eating turkey and all the pie! 🙂



Thanksgiving is DEFINITELY a running holiday for me! I’m looking forward to our local Turkey Trot in Circle C and then my huge slice of cherry pie later for dessert! Funny family tradition that always brings a smile is that we all put black olives on all of our fingers and pose for the camera!



First things first, Thanksgiving meal comes AFTER the Turkey Trot. Our family typically travels to McAllen, TX for Thanksgiving where my wife and I generally run a 10K Turkey Trot. This past year we stayed in Austin and I participated in the ThunderCloud Subs Turket Trot which was awesome. As soon as the race is over it’s time for sweet potato pie, lots of turkey, and a healthy side of stuffing.



In November it is always pumpkin! We began running the Thundercloud Turkey Trot race in 2015 as a family. I had always thought it would be fun to participate in that event when I began running, but our family dinner prevented us from racing. As the years went on and our family dinner moved to Austin, I signed us up and dragged our family out that first year in the heat to complete those five miles. With the exception of one year, we have been participating in the Turkey Trot since then. It has now become part of our family tradition and our dog gets to tag along in their fall-themed tutu. We haven’t quite fully embraced the turkey hats, but I do have a nice collection of turkey-themed socks that I wear as part of my running gear that day. After that we head home and spend the remainder of the day watching the Macy’s Parade, the Westminster Dog Show and the Cowboys game while enjoying our yummy Turkey day feast. In a lot of ways, I use the Turkey Trot as my gauge to see how my training is coming along since the Cap10K course is similar to the Turkey Trot course.



My favorite Thanksgiving dish is pumpkin pie completely covered in whipped cream. There is no walk/run on Turkey Day. I do run the day before and after.



MAC N CHEESE! Hands down – it’s my mamas recipe which has been handed down a couple of generations. One of few things I can make from scratch! I definitely never exercise or run on Turkey Day but I love love running off the cals with a tough OTF workout on Black Friday!



As an immigrant to the US, the Thanksgiving holiday is one that my family has to assimilate into. Although we do prepare a Turkey we still use some Mexican staples as side dishes: Mexican rice and Frijoles a la Charra, two of my favorites! Prior to partaking of the delicious meal, the past three years I’ve joined the local Turkey Trot with my best friend in my home town. We plan to continue this new tradition this year too!



I always look forward to a turkey trot on Thanksgiving, and the location varies depending on where I’m spending time with family each year. I also always eagerly await the pumpkin pie, since my family thinks of pumpkin pie as a special occasion type of treat.




Thanksgiving Day: A Day for Family, Food, Fitness, and the Garmin Thanksgiving Badge
Thanksgiving Day is a special occasion for many people, a time to gather with loved ones, enjoy delicious food, and give thanks for the blessings in our lives. For me, it’s also a day to challenge myself and participate in the ThunderCloud Subs Turkey Trot in Austin, Texas for the first time. I’m excited to be a part of this fun and festive event, and I’m looking forward to earning the Garmin Thanksgiving badge as a reminder of my accomplishment.

In addition to being a rewarding physical challenge, running the Turkey Trot allows me to combine my love of running with my appreciation for Thanksgiving traditions. It’s a great way to start the day with a burst of energy and positivity, and it sets the tone for a day of gratitude and celebration.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Turkey Trot, and I’m looking forward to sharing the experience with fellow runners and spectators. I’m also thankful for the Garmin Thanksgiving badge, which will serve as a reminder of my commitment to fitness and my dedication to creating meaningful traditions.



My top turkey day feast side dish is celery stuffed with cream cheese. I look forward to this side dish every year because my grandma used to make it. My Thanksgiving tradition is to run the Thundercloud Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day and then enjoy a turkey feast with my family.


Mashed potatoes is my favorite just to carb up for the run that invariably has and will come.



I didn’t celebrate thanksgiving until I had kids of my own; now we make all the traditional foods including pecan, pumpkin and apple pie. We love apple pie with Mexican vanilla ice cream from Amy’s .

On that day we usually eat breakfast together and then we go for a bike ride or run at the downtown trail.



Most Thanksgivings I’ve done a turkey trot…this last year, my son and I started a tradition of doing the Thundercloud Turkey Trot together and we’re doing it again this year.
We always look forward to cooking as a family with friends on Thanksgiving and it’s a great day for hanging out and sharing food/stories. The key to a great Thanksgiving is a moist turkey and great gravy. I’m a gravy snob and I’m also the gravy-maker. Aside from that, my wife’s squash-corn casserole is killer and a crowd-pleaser!



I look forward to eating mash potatoes and gravy each year during my Thanksgiving meal. For Thanksgiving I always run a turkey trot in the morning and hurry back home to cook a full meal.



I love my green bean casserole. Its a dish that year after year tastes better than I remember. Thanksgiving day is always race day! I have a busy work schedule that keeps me from running much August through October so Thanksgiving day is the beginning of my racing season.



My favorite pie for Thanksgiving Day is Sweet Potato. I try to do some activity (walk, run, throw a ball around, etc.) on Thanksgiving is offset my over indulgence.


My favorite is home made pumpkin pie. Yes, I run Thanksgiving morning. Most people eat Thanksgiving lunch or have an early dinner but my family cooks all day. The entire family helps in the preparation of food and we eat Thanksgiving dinner around 7:00 pm. The Thanksgiving celebration is extended until we run out of Thanksgiving food.



All of it! Which is why I run on Thanksgiving Day 😊



I used to roll my eyes at people who ran on Thanksgiving Day – until I joined the Pfun Runners. Now, finding a Turkey Day 5k is one of my favorite traditions. My family gathers in my hometown (Hondo) for Thanksgiving. Hondo doesn’t host any races, but I’ve found towns close by that do. (My favorite being the San Antonio Turkey Trot, which benefits the Food Bank.) I’ve managed to talk my cousin into participating in a few. Then, last year, my sister and brother-in-law joined me for a virtual race. She and her husband walked while I ran. I was waiting at the “finish line” with medals.

Even though I don’t get to run with my friends in Pflugerville, I love know that we are running together in spirit. It gives me a chance to get out and enjoy the quiet before heading back to the chaos and fun of our family Thanksgiving. It also helps me feel better about all the food I eat that day.



Apple Pie! After recently buying a home in Buda, my new tradition is to run the Buda Turkey Trot!



I usually try to get a run or walk before I start to help with the cooking. On Thanksgiving day I’ll make my fruit salad and help my mom with the cooking. I’ll have a slice of pumpkin pie and my fruit salad and end the day being with my mom.



I love Sweet Potato Casserole. It’s officially your side dish of veggies but a dessert ;). We usually run the Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning. I love the energy of this race and feeling that maybe it balances out all of the eating to come. It’s a great way to start Thanksgiving Day!


Pecan pie all day! Can’t beat that filling in the middle! I run whether it’s a virtual race or downtown ATX Turkey Trot. Ran the Arlington Turkey Trot in 2016 before we attended the Cowboys game. Always run on Turkey Day! Takes away the guilty I feel for all the bad food I consume on that day!



I’m not too big of a pie person… I’d rather focus my time on stuffing and turkey. Our family tradition has always been to run the Thundercloud Turkey Trot in Austin. Such a great running atmosphere! Plus, after running, I always feel a little better eating that extra helping of mac and cheese.



I like to get a run in before the feast. Have done the Turkey trot numerous times but lastly have been doing the group run with Rise and Run South Austin. I enjoy all the sides. Especially stuffing and cranberry sauce.