Training Equipment: What shoes are you currently training in; why did you choose them?

I am currently wearing pretty purple leopard Brooks 13 Ghost shoes. I love them so much because they were gifted to me on my birthday and they remind me of my favorite band, BTS.



I am currently road running in the HOKA Clifton. I was not a HOKA fan for sometime as they were too ‘cushiony’ and I think they wear out quickly. However, I do find they are good for longer running distances. I like the cushion when I run a lot of miles; I feel like it saves my feet and joints from the extra pounding /strain and I notice I feel better at the end of the run.



I’m currently training in the New Balance Fuel Cell Super Comp Trainer V2. I LOVE a plush shoe that gives me lots of cushion for my extra long runs! I’m currently in training for the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC at the end of October so I need lots of comfort for all my runs and for race day.




I’m currently alternating between two shoe brands, Brooks and Asics. I was almost exclusively running in the Brooks’ Hyperion Tempo, because they are incredibly lightweight. About a month ago, I introduced the Asic’s Novablast 3 into my shoe rotation, primarily for the added cushioning and support, which has been great for longer distances. I picked up both pairs from the local Austin shop, Ready to Run.



My shoe of choice has been the current model of the HOKA Bondi (D) for the past several years. Before that I had always been a Nike Air person, but when one of my dogs accidentally fell on my foot injuring my big toe, the podiatrist who treated me suggested I look into HOKAs because of the support they provide to your foot. Wow, did they ever! I buy wides (hence the D) to help keep my toes from being pushed into each other which would sometimes cause issues too. Others have tried to convert me to another brand, but I am loyal to my HOKAs. The complement to my shoes are my Balega mohair running socks that I wear to help keep blisters at bay. My family thinks my HOKAS look clunky, but when I run, the cushioning and support my shoes provide is what can help me run longer because it helps protect me from the impact of road running.

Maria & Charley


I’m currently training in the Hoka Rocket x2. It’s a recent addition to Hoka’s lineup, and I had the opportunity to try them out at a FleetFeet event last spring. I instantly fell in love with these shoes due to their impressive speed and plush cushioning, which aligns perfectly with my preference for high cushioned footwear. Unfortunately, I couldn’t fully explore the potential of these shoes because shortly after ordering them online, I sustained an injury. The shoes arrived the day after, and I’m still in the process of recovering. Progress has been quite slow, but I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to put them to the test at their maximum potential soon.



I have been training in the Nike Invincible 3 running shoe, which was released earlier this year. I chose this particular shoe for a few key reasons. First and foremost, I’m really impressed by the exceptional cushioning and stability it provides. As someone who puts in a lot of miles while training, having a shoe that can absorb impact and support my feet is crucial to prevent injuries and enhance my overall comfort during runs.

What surprised me about the Nike Invincible 3 is its width. It’s notably wider compared to other Nike shoes I’ve worn in the past, and this has made a significant difference for me. The wider fit ensures a snug yet comfortable feel, and it accommodates my feet perfectly.

Throughout the year, I’ve logged approximately 300 miles using two different pairs of the Nike Invincible 3. I’ve been really pleased with how well they held up during this time. They still had plenty of life left in them when I decided to retire them from my training rotation. This durability is important to me because it means I can get more value out of each pair, especially considering the mileage I put in.

Looking ahead to the fall season, I’m excited to continue my marathon training, and I plan to invest in more pairs of the Nike Invincible 3. These shoes have proven to be reliable and comfortable companions on my running journey, and I’m confident they will continue to support me during the challenging miles to come.



I use the Hoka Carbon X3’s. I used to always use the Brooks but that discontinued the style I used. The carbon x3’s I just chose by researching shoes and they’ve been great.



I run the majority of my training miles in Nike Zoom Fly 5 training shoes. I’m on my third pair of this model and I typically run around 400 miles before I replace them. The Zoom Fly 5 has plenty of cushon and I have gotten used to the performance that comes along with having a carbon-plate. I also think this model strikes a nice balance of being stable and cushiony without being too bulky or heavy.



The shoes I’m currently training in is the Brooks Revel 6. I recently switched to the Revel 6 because it has been real comfortable for my long runs and speed workouts. The shoes give me the cushion I need to not have any foot pain. I was able to get a good deal on the Brook Revel 6’s at Dick’s Sporting Goods.



I switched to the Hoka One Clifton 9 because of the light weight and cushion.



I currently run in Brooks Ghosts. I chose these after some trial and error at Fleet Feet fixing the right shoes for me. They provide a good amount of support without being too stiff for my feet. I’m currently on my third pair, and I always try to get the brightly colored ones. The cooler your shoes, the faster you run, right?



I have massively wide feet…I mean hugely wide…canoe paddle feet. I needed a shoe with an enormous toe-box. I recently had my feet analyzed by Fleet Feet, and they recommended several shoes. Out of the many wide shoes I tried, only the Hoka Gaviota 5’s felt sufficiently wide for me. They fit more comfortably than any other running shoe I have tried, and I’m loving running in them.



I’m currently wearing the Saucony Ride 16 in Sprig/Peony (which I purchased from REI Co-op). This was the first style of running shoe that I purchased in 2020 and I’ve continued to wear the variations because of the bright color options and comfortability. I wear them with an insert to support my high arches — it made a world of difference for my running.



Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 22 – did A LOT of research to find that these are top for women and found a cute cheetah style that fit my personality! Purchased from Amazon!



I love ASICS Gel Cumulus. They provide me with the extra cushion and support I need. I try to stay open minded to other brands and have even purchased others but always come back to my old faithful ASICS.



My current racing shoe, the Nike Vaporfly 3 – Eliud Kipchoge edition, has captured my heart with its sleek design, vibrant color, and exceptional comfort. My affinity for Nike began in 2019 with the Nike Zoom Fly 3, and it has continued ever since. While Nike remains my top choice, I also embrace other brands like the Brooks Ghosts 14 (600 miles in 2021-2022) and Hoka Rincon 3 (460 miles in 2022-2023).
I firmly believe in shoe rotation, a practice that aids in recovery from the high impact of running and extends the lifespan of your running shoes. My recommendation is to alternate between two or more pairs of shoes based on the type of run.

My Running Shoe Rotation: Daily Trainer: Nike Pegasus and Adidas Ultraboost, Easy Long Runs: Zoom Fly 5, Interval Speed Workouts: Atreyu – The Artist, Trails: Nike Zegama and 5k/10k/21k Races: Atreyu Saffron

I eagerly await the next iteration of the Atreyu “The Race” model. Atreyu, designed in Austin, Texas, produces incredibly lightweight shoes that consistently exceed expectations. I fondly refer to them as my “Runderfull” shoes.
Happy Running!



Saucony Guide ISO2. Before I was educated on running shoes I would buy shoes that were stylish. Constantly would have lower leg pain or foot injuries and never knew why! It was my shoes! Learned my feet overpronate. This model of shoe provides the inner arch support my feet need.



I really like HOKA…although I use multiple shoes/different brands for different terrain and races, my go-to trainer is HOKA Clifton, which I purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Cedar Park. It is very supportive and has a great amount of cushion, to minimize the chance of injury. I also really like the lighter HOKA Mach Supersonic (that has a carbon plate) for racing. It still has a good amount of cushion but is also very responsive!



HOKA One One Carbon X 3 – The orange ones! I was told when I found the right running shoe brand my feet would sing, and boy did they sing in HOKAs. I originally started in the Clifton models for the stability but soon fell in love with the Carbon X models They feel incredibly lightweight and they come in orange my favorite color.



I am currently training in the Hoka One One Evo Carbon Rocket shoes. I got these shoes from Hoka when I was a run lead since they sponsor the Life Time run club. I prefer this shoe because it is a very lightweight shoe at only 7 Oz with a carbon fiber sole. It is made of an open mesh.



I am currently training in the Altra Escalante 2 and smitten with its’ foot shape and zero drop (i.e. cushion is even from heel to toe, so your foot stays flat). I enjoy a natural running feel with a wide toe box and these shoes keep me honest –no hiding behind layers of elevated heel cushion as my body tells me if something hurts before it gets serious. I transitioned to Altra’s about 4 years ago and it did take a couple weeks for my body to adjust. It was worth it though as Altra’s have helped to keep me injury free and able to wear clear toenail polish. I am on my last pair of 2’s though and look forward to checking out the newer version(s).



New Balance 880’s. Consider it superstitious but it’s because I was born 8/8/80.



I have use two different shoes: brooks Ghost, I like them for runs less than 13 miles. I buy them at Fleet Feet Austin . My second favorite is the Adidas supernova, I use this for runs longer than 13.2 miles and to run any race. They have more space for my toes and I like that. I usually order them from their website.



I train in Brooks. It has been my go to running shoe brand the last couple of years. They fit my feet really well and the designs and colors are really cool.



I am currently training in Saucony Triumph 17. Before I started getting into long distance running, I was all about the style of the shoe. But once I realized shoes make a HUGE difference with my performance I was drawn to Saucony for their great stability and cushiony running shoe.



I thought I would never ever run in a Nike shoe, but I was given this pair as a gift and I absolutely love them. I feel like I’m able to run correctly and faster because the shoe gently pushes me forward and gravity takes over from there. I have less injuries and my speed increased when running in this shoe. I highly recommend this shoe.



I rotate a lot of shoes. I do my long runs in New Balance 1080’s or Adidas Boston 10’s. I don’t love high stack shoes, but the extra foam helps to reduce the strain on joints so I can avoid soreness the next day. On special occasions pull out a pair of Adidas Boston Boost 6’s I have stashed in the back of my closet. I prefer feeling connected to the ground so I look for a lower drop shoe (10mm or less) with a low stack height and good spring from the foam.