Goals: What is one of your most memorable running achievements and why does it stand out?

My most memorable running moment was when I decided the night before to run the Boston Virtual Marathon in 2021. I successfully completed the marathon and earned a unicorn medal. It stands out to me because it confirmed that I could achieve whatever I put my mind to and the importance of having a strong running foundation.


I did a bunch of races behind my daughter in my stroller but slowly and surely we went back to do them all side by side. The latter was far more meaningful than the former.


My most memorable running achievement – rocking my first marathon! It was an ambitiously fun challenge and I had wonderful support during my training and on race day. Thank you God – I had an encouraging family (love you Ryan, Pavlov and Althea, Mom & Dad, Noelle & Travis), wonderful run coach (thank you Ray Delahoussaye/Endurance on Demand), tons of thoughtful friends (love my Fleet Feet Round Rock family), and an extra shout out to my friend Richard who ran the marathon with me – from moonwalking to endless positive encouragement, he had me smiling the whole way! The journey is as important as the destination and it was a blessing to be supported by so many extraordinary people!!


I have two memorable achievements. The first is staying ahead of my mother in law’s age adjusted pace at my second half marathon. She is grandmasters group Ultra runner and having someone to push me has always been a great motivator. That race was the first time I had broken a 7:10 pace (in any run over one mile), and I felt great afterwards. Even if it was just the runners high.

My second achievement was running Bear Mountain near Sedona, Arizona. This was a few months into trail running, and the year I was shocked by the hill at the end of the Austin Marathon. I wanted revenge, and as I pulled up to Bear Mountain, I knew this was my chance to get my revenge. 2,203 feet of elevation, two miles and 30 minutes later I was standing on top of Bear Mountain with a beautiful view and confidence that the hill wouldn’t be a problem next year.


I started running more consistently through college when my mom and I decided to sign up for a 50K ultramarathon to “celebrate” her 50th birthday. It took us about a year to train and even with all of that preparation the race itself was still extremely tough. I felt like I wanted to quit a few times but knowing we had committed to each other helped us complete the race, which was such a great feeling! Training for the race also strengthened the bond with my mom as we checked in with each other frequently about our progress or tried to meet up on weekends to run together. We had so much fun that we ran it again 2 years later! Running has helped strengthen important relationships in my life and it’s so much more than just exercising for me (although, the exercise is great too!)

Liza Kate

My first half marathon has to be my most memorable running race. It was the reason I got into running. It was the Disney Princess Half Marathon, my first half marathon, and probably the first time I was ever running over 4 miles. I was coming off of basketball season so I figured I was moderately conditioned because my coach would RUN us during practice. To top it off my friend who convinced me to sign up told me the night before that she didn’t actually sign up and I would be doing it solo. As crazy as it sounds I couldn’t have asked for a better for myself to get into running. I loved everything about the race especially talking to random people about since I never wear headphones. The last mile was my fastest since I had to use the bathroom and refused at that time port-a-potties. I ran an extra mile after getting my medal to go to the bathrooms inside EPCOT. Proud of my achievement I feel asleep while eating pizza. Pretty solid race day.


I completed my first full marathon in 2021 in my hometown of Detroit, Michigan. It was very memorable for me being able to finish the race and having family and friends cheer me on.


I ran the Hood to Coast long distance relay last year with a group of friends and it was a real bucket list experience! From the start near the summit of Mt Hood, to the run through Portland, Oregon and the forests west at all hours of day/night, it was very memorable. And then the party on the beach after was great!


My most memorable running achievement was completing my first marathon with a 3:31:23 time. My coach and I decided on 3:40:00 for my goal and to end the race feeling hungry for more. Crossing that finish line was the biggest feeling of accomplishment and appreciation for my body – and I still felt like I was ready for more at the end! Excited to see what I can do for Marathon number 2 coming this spring!


I would have to say running the Cap10k last year with my baby girl and been able to step aside to feed her. This was a great experience to share with my baby girl and to be able to finish strong as a family.


Before my achilles surgeries, I had begun running Half Marathons and my first Sprint Triathlon. My last Half Marathon was my most memorable because I was able to run a decent race even though I was in pain and was scheduled for my first surgery in the following weeks…I wouldn’t recommend this but I suspected it would be my last. My bucket-list destination race would be anywhere along the California coast line. The Catalina Island Marathon sounds awesome…though I would be walk/jogging the 10k 😉


My most memorable running achievement is running my first marathon. Marine Corps Marathon 2015. Memorable for many reasons so I’ll name a few. As I said, it was my first ever, takes place in Washington D.C., on the route you see almost every memorial you can think of in D.C., my family flew up to D.C. to watch it happen and I ran and completed it with the most important person in my life. Kristi.


Finishing a race is always a tremendous feeling, but for me, finishing the 2019 Decker Challenge was one of the most memorable moments of my running “career.” That course was the hardest I’d ever faced – there are so many hills and not much to look at. I started out too fast and got separated from my pace buddy. My music wasn’t working, and the weather was muggy and gross. By mile 10 – the infamous hill – I wanted to quit. Then I saw my sister and my kids, who had come to cheer me on. They gave me the strength to climb the hill and keep going. As I neared the finish line, I saw them again. My boys ran out to join me and crossed the finish line with me, holding my hands. My sister hugged me at the end as I cried tears of relief and joy. They made signs for me, which I still have hanging in my office. I’m not sure I’ll ever run that course again, but if I do, I hope they are there to cheer me on.


One of the most memorable running achievements for me was in Feb 2021 when I set a personal goal to run 100 miles in 1 month. This stands out to me because this was the first time I set a lofty running goal for myself. As you may know, Feb 2021 Texas was hit with a terrible Winter Storm. I had a moment of self-doubt and felt I wouldn’t accomplish my goal. Nevertheless, I pushed through– ran some bitter cold runs– ran a few extra long runs– and even ran two runs a day. At the completion of the 100 miles, I was most proud that I defeated my inner self-doubt and accomplished my goal!


I had the pleasure of running the New River Half Marathon in North Carolina with my oldest niece. It was her first half marathon and I am so proud of her for finishing strong!

I wasn’t able to keep her pace, but we had fun starting out together. The course was through the mountains of NC so for me, challenging from the start. The portacans were not placed as frequently as originally planned and communicated, which sadly, added another challenge for me. Seeing my niece waiting for me near the finish line and hearing her cheer me on, made it all worthwhile and one of my favorite races.