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Thomas J Henry

The Winner’s Circle

The Winners’ Circle (WC), presented by Thomas J. Henry Law, is the premier post-race mix zone that celebrates the top three men’s and women’s runners as well as all of our incredible Statesman Cap10K finishers. Taking place at Vic Mathias Shores, the WC opens by recognizing the top runners who will take their rightful place on the podium and, for the first time in the race’s historic 44 years, receive oversized checks from our sponsor and the executive race team. Checks will be presented to the three men’s and women’s finishers.

Following the awards ceremony, all Statesman Cap10K finishers will file in to celebrate their own race achievements on the official sponsor podium in the WC.

The Winner's Circle

Prize Purse

Checks will be presented to the top three men’s and women’s overall finishers.

  • 1st Place – $1,500
  • 2nd Place – $800
  • 3rd Place – $200

ALL FEDERAL, STATE, LOCAL AND MUNICIPAL LAWS AND REGULATIONS APPLY. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. SPONSOR Ventures Endurance, LLC, 85 Devonshire Street, 9th Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02109 (“Ventures” or “Sponsor”). BUSINESS SPONSOR Thomas J. Henry Law, 4401 West Gate Blvd Suite 200, Austin, Texas 78745 (“Business Sponsor”) RACE DATE The Statesman 45th Cap10K will be held on April 10, 2022 in Austin, Texas (the “Race”) CONTEST RULES

  1. Registration for the Race ends at 4:00 p.m. Central Time on April 9, 2022.
  2. Athlete must be registered for the live Race (not virtual).
  3. Athlete must be registered in the Elite wave of the Race to be eligible for a prize.
  4. Race results are based on gun time, not chip time. Gun Time is the time from when the gun goes off (READY SET GO!), to the time the athlete crosses the finish line.
  5. Athlete must comply fully with the Official Rules of the Race and by entering agrees to be bound by the Official Rules and the decisions of Ventures, whose decisions shall be binding and final in all respects.

PRIZES Prizes will be awarded to the top three (3) overall finishers in both female and male divisions (each, the “Division”) of the Race as follows:

  1. The top finisher in each Division will be awarded $1,500 in the form of a check made payable to the winner;
  2. The second finisher in each Division will be awarded $800 cash in the form of a check made payable to the winner; and
  3. The third finisher in each Division will be awarded $200 in the form of a check made payable to the winner.

The check will be mailed to each winner on or around April 20, 2022. TAXES All local, state and federal taxes incurred by accepting a prize will be the sole responsibility of the Winner. Any person winning over $600 in prizes during any one (1) year period will receive an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the calendar year, and a copy of such form will be filed with the IRS. PRIVACY In connection with the Race entry process, Ventures will be collecting personal data about participants in accordance with its privacy policy (the “Policy”). By participating in the Race, the participant hereby agrees to the collection and usage of the participant’s personal information by Ventures and the participant acknowledges that he/she has read and accepted the Policy. When a participant enters the Race, he/she may be asked to consent to receive promotional emails. Consenting to receive such emails is optional and does not have to be agreed to in order to be eligible to enter the Race. Except where prohibited, participation in the Race constitutes the participant’s consent to the use by Ventures of the MISCELLANEOUS

  1. All trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners.
  2. Ventures will not be responsible for typographical, printing or other inadvertent errors in these Official Rules or in other materials relating to the Race.
  3. Ventures reserves the right to change, alter, or amend these Official Rules as necessary, in its sole discretion, to ensure the fair administration of the Race or to comply with applicable law.
  4. Any and all decisions of Ventures regarding the Race are final.
  5. This Race and these Official Rules will be governed by the laws of the State of Texas whose courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in the event that any dispute arises regarding the Race or the prize.
  6. For further details on the Race, participants should consult the official Race website at

NAMES OF WINNERS To obtain the name of the winners, contact Christopher Thibert, Cap10K Events Manager, at by June 1, 2022. QUESTIONS Any questions on this Contest should be directed to the following website:

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