Team Management

For Captains

We have gone to great lengths to improve the team management feature for Captains this year with our new registration platform from EnMotive. Review these new features to make the team experience optimal for your group.

  • Conveniently invite team members by searching for them by name or sending a personal invitation link.
  • Set up a team password so only runners on your invite list can join.
  • View and contact team members directly from you Captain management tools.
  • Download your team rooster.
  • Create and manage a personal fundraising page to 2021 race beneficiary Marathon Kids.
  • You can choose team packet grouping for bulk pickup or opt out and have team members claim their individual packets at the Expo.
  • You can reserve a complimentary team tent at the finish line Team Village area when you have 35 or more members.
  • Team members can join your team all the way up to close of registration on Saturday 4/10.

Registrant profile

If you discover that your shirt size, home address or team info is incorrect follow the Manage My Registration link below to log into your registration profile. Everyone who signs up for the race has an participant profile account with EnMotive. To access your account the first time follow the steps below to create an account.

Inviting team members

Inviting team members to the team is simple with EnMotive tools.

  • Click on the Action button on the top right corner of the page to display Captain tools.
  • Invite Team Members is the third menu item. Members can be invited by email our with a personal invitation link.
  • To invite someone who is already registered for the event, but not yet on a team, search for them by name.
  • To invite someone who is NOT registered for the event, send them a personal invitation link to join.

Confirming or Removing Members

Anyone who has registered to be part of the team is listed on Captain’s View/Manage Team page. Only the Captain can request the removal of a team member. Only the Support Administrator can remove the team member. To help us address your request more efficiently include REMOVE TEAM MEMBER in the subject line of your inquiry.

Bulk team payment

Thank you for your interest in bringing a large team to participate at this year’s Statesman Capitol 10,000! The Bulk Payment Agreement is for groups that desire a single payment option to cover the expense of each member’s registration fee. The bulk payment option is available to Team Captains with 10 or more committed members.

Bulk Payment option available soon.

Transfer to Captain

If you have already registered as an individual and you would like to change your participant profile to Team Captain and create a team, please contact us with your request at Race Inquiries. Only the Support Administrator can make this transfer. To help us address your request more efficiently include TRANSFER TO TEAM CAPTAIN in the subject line of your inquiry.