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Keep Moooving Runners

Woohoo! Your enthusiastic encouragement along the course means a lot to your friends and family making a run (or walk) for the finish line. But you know what it needs? More cowbell! Help your favorite participants Keep Moving! with the Cap10K cowbell, available at monthly social runs, and the Cap10K Health & Fitness Expo, April 8-9. Gather at any cheer zone, and get loud and proud!

1. Start Line

Location: 10 Congress Avenue
Mile: 0.0

Location Pin
2. American Flag

Location: 101 Congress Avenue
Mile: 0.15

Location Pin
3. Paramount Theatre

Location: 713 Congress Avenue
Mile: 0.55

Location Pin
4. The Texas State Capitol

Location: 1101 Congress Avenue
Mile: 0.75

Location Pin
5. King & Queen of the Hill

Location: 800 West Fifteenth Street
Mile: 2.0

Location Pin
6. Halfway

Location: 1999 Enfield Drive
Mile: 3.1

Location Pin
7. Austin High

Location: Austin High School – Baseball Field
Mile: 4.6

Location Pin
8. Pfluger Bridge

Location: 901 West Cesar Chavez Street
Mile: 5.4

Location Pin
9. Camp Gladiator

Location: 400 West Cesar Chavez Street
Mile: 5.8

Location Pin
10. Finish Line

Location: 700 West Riverside Drive
Mile 6.2

Location Pin

2023 Reg Is Open April 16, 2023