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Rules & Restrictionsg

Participant Bib
  • Your official participant bib, which displays your race number, must be fully visible at all times and worn on the FRONT of your torso on your outermost garment.
  • Participant race number bibs are specific personal identifiers and may not be exchanged with or transferred/sold to any other person.
  • At the time each participant’s bib is assigned a label with a corral letter, start time, and participant’s name will be printed and placed on the front of the bib.
  • The timing device (B-Tag) is attached to the back of your bib. To ensure an accurate time, do not fold or wrinkle the bib or cover it with a jacket, runner belt, water bottle, or any other item.
  • The sale and/or transfer of race entries/bibs are strictly prohibited and will result in the disqualification and/or banning of any individuals involved from future events.
  • Medical information and emergency contacts must be filled in on the back of your bib number.
  • Do not alter the bib number in any way.
  • The official photographer for the Cap10K identifies participants by their bib number, so be sure your number is clearly visible on the front of your torso.
Starting Corral
  • Each race number bib is alphabetically labeled to correspond to one of six starting corrals. Each starting corral has a specific starting time which is also printed on the bib.
  • Participants are required to start in their designated corral. Starting in an earlier corral will result in disqualification from the race and no finish time will be recorded.
  • Participants may move back a corral letter but are not permitted to move forward a corral letter. Groups that want to participate together must join the member with the lowest corral letter.
  • Corral entrance gates close five minutes before the corral’s assigned start time.
  • If you miss your corral start time you can ONLY start at the next available open corral.
  • A registrant’s estimated mile pace is used to categorize their corral assignment.
  • Corral assignment based on fastest to slowest estimated mile pace is not guaranteed.
  • For the protection and safety of all participants, the presence of baby joggers and animals in corral A or B is prohibited. Joggers and pets will not be permitted to enter corrals A or B, regardless of their corral bib assignment.

The following event rules are intended to help produce and direct a large-scale event, to ensure the safety of all participants, to meet the requirements of local government permits, and to be compliant with applicable USA Track & Field (USATF) regulations for participant performance records and event liability.

2023 Reg Is Open April 16, 2023