2023 Race Ambassadors

The Statesman Capitol 10,000, presented by Baylor Scott & White Health, is pleased to announce 22 local running enthusiasts as race ambassadors and brand representatives for the 46th race on April 16, 2023.

“The Cap10K is about community and commitment. So who better to represent our 46th race than 22 inspirational members of Austin’s running community,” said Jeff Simecek, Cap10K race director. “We are absolutely thrilled to partner with local runners who are outgoing, fitness-minded, and socially active individuals. They will bring their respective areas of expertise to our race.”

The ambassadors will offer personal training tips and experiential advice leading up to the big day and helpful motivation to keep our Cap10K runners moving forward.

race ambassador

Nina Jenzen

I joined the Pflugerville Pfun Runners in 2018 and have not stopped running ever since. The Pfun Runners has allowed me to stay active and make many lifelong friends. You can find the group running the streets of Pflugerville each Saturday morning from West Pecan Coffee and Beer and then the group walks down to the Pflugerville Taco House for breakfast tacos. Can’t get anymore Austin than that! When I started back running in 2018 I could hardly run a mile. Now I currently have 6 half marathons under my belt and a full marathon. Running is not easy, but the more you train the easier it gets, and it is amazing what you can accomplish with a little bit of dedication. I can’t wait to run the Cap10K.

race ambassador

Robert Clemons

I have always been involved in sports and running as part of staying active. Now that I am older; my running has idled down to walking which still helps me to be able to do things that I enjoy. The Cap10K is a great way to be active and see/meet the people of Austin.

race ambassador

Sharon Clemons

Running has always brought me joy. These days, I am forced to mostly walk after (3) Achilles surgeries but still look forward to attending the races to stay active and for the routes and the camaraderie.

race ambassador

Claudia Hernandez

I was inactive for many years until 2019 when I rediscovered that I liked running. I joined several running groups, including Sports Bra Squad, Rise and Run South Austin, and ATX Runners. Their energies were contagious. Long story short 9 months after I started running with these groups, I ran my 1st half marathon in February 2020.

Now, I run for fun. Running clears my head, heals my heart, and lifts my spirit. Running brought great people into my life and I look forward to attending races with my running friends and enjoying the surroundings.

race ambassador

Thien Nguyen

My story on running is about overcoming what I feared-> before 2015, I did not think I could run long distances. Thanks to my brother encouraging me to sign up for my first half marathon and then training with me, I conquered my own self-doubt. Since then, running has brought confidence, joy, friends, and good health to my life. Sharing a quote that has driven me to run, “Do one thing every day that scares you.” (Eleanor R.) Hopefully, this motivates you to pound the pavement and enjoy the same benefits, see you out there.

race ambassador

Cassandra Medrano

I started running in 1999 after a challenge to complete a mile at Camp Mabry. I caught the running bug that ignited me to start training for a marathon right then. Today, after completing over 35 marathons, 50 half marathons, and many Cap10ks, I am addicted to the thrill of running. You can find me running the streets of Austin most days of the week with an amazing group of women that I have surrounded myself with that also have a passion for running. I run for the workout, social enjoyment, and love the Austin running community.

race ambassador

Kristi Luna

My family has been involved in the running community since I can remember (My father running 40/45 Cap10k’s.) So I wanted to follow in their running footsteps- and I’ve been in love with running ever since. If I’m not running a race, my favorite thing to do is go out, BE LOUD and cheer on other runners.

race ambassador

Scott Cochran

I initially used running as a way to control my weight. Before I knew it, I realized I wasn’t doing it anymore for that reason. I was doing it because I looked forward to it! I love running in races, cheering on fellow runners and the early morning long runs with friends and family.

race ambassador

Sabrina Nyitrai

I started running in the fall of 2016, after attending a few of Fleet Feet’s social run/walk events with a good friend. She had been thinking about getting back into running and I thought “why not try it out”. Little did I know how important running would become to me. Through running, I’ve made lifelong friends and I’ve been fortunate enough to become a member of the Pfun Runners. The group has been a constant source of motivation and laughs! We enjoy running on Saturday mornings starting from our local coffee shop, West Pecan Coffee + Beer. Afterward, we reward ourselves with tacos from Pflugerville Taco House. So far, I’ve completed 12 half marathons and I have 4 more to complete in the coming months!

race ambassador

Mark Holcomb

What started as a way to get out of the house, clear my mind, and explore new places in Austin– has evolved into a passion for running. My newfound passion has led me to meet so many amazing people within the Austin Running Community. I love sharing my experiences and challenges with my students at the Texas School for the Deaf — GO RANGERS!

race ambassador

Alma Christensen

Running has been a part of my life for 23 years. Through running, I have made new friends and traveled to new places. I have experienced the joys and pains of the sport that tend to help put things into perspective. I have run countless 5k, 10k, and half marathon races and have done a handful of trail races. This year I was waiting for the arrival of my first baby who was due on October 1. During the pregnancy, I had to scale back on the distance but running still brought joy. Up through about 8 months of my pregnancy, I managed to do daily walks and shorter runs, and I’ve been keeping tabs on the running community. Baby girl arrived early on September 26, and we are super happy. Hopefully, someday she’ll be a runner. I am very excited to have been chosen as an ambassador for the Statesman Capitol 10k and look forward to motivating others to join the run.

race ambassador

Susan Cooper

I’m many things. A single mom. A school librarian. A Harry Potter fanatic. I’ve long wanted to add “runner” to that list.

I’ve always admired runners — their endurance, their dedication. I wanted to be someone who could go out and run 3 or 4 miles with no problem. But every time I tried, I got injured. In 2017, though, I decided to give it one more try. I joined a 5k group at Fleet Feet and that’s when it all came together. I made friends and running became more than just exercise. Now, I’m part of an amazing group that is based in Pflugerville and runs all over Austin — the Pfun Runners. We are runners of all ages, sizes, and abilities, but more than anything we are a family. I love exploring different parts of the city by running the streets and trails, and I’m looking forward to traveling for races. Running has changed everything, and I love it.

Now I can say that I am a mom, a school librarian, a Harry Potter fanatic, and a RUNNER!

race ambassador

Iram Leon

Like almost every human on the planet, I started running shortly after I started walking and just haven’t stopped. Racing came after I got spanked in elementary school for running in the hall too much and got sent to the track team to utilize that energy. I once even put off brain surgery to run a marathon. Running is my therapy and how much I run tells you how badly I need therapy.

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