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Frequently Asked Questions


If you are a 2021 race registrant, your registration category will be automatically changed to a Virtual Race experience on February 1, 2021. As a participant, there are no additional actions you need to make in reference to the category change. We do not offer refunds on registration fees from the 2021 race. You will, however, still receive the 2021 race packet including the race shirt, bib number, and finisher’s medal in spite of the in-person race cancellation. You may claim your packet in person on 4/9/21 or 4/10/21 at the contactless drive-thru packet pick-up or purchase mail fulfillment by 4/30/21.


On April 9 & 10 the Statesman Cap10K Race will conduct a contactless drive-thru Packet Pick-up event for participants of the 2021 canceled race. At this event, race packets were distributed to participants of the 2021 Virtual Race.

This option expires on 4/10/21.

Mail Packet

If you are unable to attend the contactless drive-thru packet pick-up event and you would still like to receive your packet for the 2021 race, the only option available at this time is to request and pay to have your race materials mailed to you. The cost to have your packet mailed is $11 per packet (processing fee not included).

This option expires on 4/30/21.

Step 1: Click on the login to EnMotive button below. At the top right of the EnMotive page click on the blue login button.
Step 2: Enter the email address you used to register for the race and your EnMotive password. Click Log In.
Step 3: Your Registrant dashboard should appear. Under the heading Current and Upcoming Events, the race 2021 Statesman Cap10K will be listed. Click on the blue Actions button and select View Registration.
Step 4: Your Registrant profile should now appear. Scroll down to the third heading, Bib Number–write this number down, you will need it when you purchase packet mailing.
Step 5: Return to the Cap10K packet pick-up page and click on Purchase Packet Mailing. Complete the request form, make payment and you’re done.

Race packets will start shipping on 3/22/21. The mail option ends 4/30/21.

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There are no registration deferrals or transfers from the 2021 to 2022 race. The 2021 event will be a virtual race experience. Registration for the 2022 race will open in late summer.


Live Packet Pick-up (PPU) at Palmer Events Center is canceled due to elevated health risks. We are closely monitoring Federal, State, and local health regulations amid the COVID-19, Coronavirus pandemic. In-person contactless drive-thru packet pick-up is the alternate 2021 plan to safely issue race packets. For more information about 2021 packet pick-up click here.


To make room for the new batch of 2022 race gear, all unclaimed 2021 race packets will be donated to local non-profit on August 1, 2021. Contact the race office to arrange a lobby pick-up before August. Packet mailing services are no longer available.

This option expires on 7/30/21.

2023 Reg Is Open April 16, 2023