Timing & Results

Frequently Asked Questions

The B-tag is a timing device that is will be affixed to the back of each race bib. DO NOT REMOVE the B-tag from your race bib. Please DO NOT BEND the bib number or the B-tag. The tag houses an electronic device that is read by timing mats lining the roadway at the starting line. When the tag passes across the mats the tag is read by an electronic field. This field is similar to scanning food at the grocery store check-out counter. Once the tag is read a start time is registered for your start. The same process is conducted at the finish to calculate your finish time.

No. The B-tag is a one-time electronic timing device. The B-tag will not be collected at the finish line.

If you’d like to update your bib with your name, team name, or favorite motivational #hashtag you may customize it in your registrant profile. Deadline to make changes to registrant information is February 25, 2020. Follow the instructions in Manage My Registration to access and edit your race bib personalization.