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Frequently Asked Questions

Statesman Capitol 10,000 (10 kilometers)
USA Track & Field Certification: TX17032LAB (cert. 2017)

Four Aid Stations are located along the course approximately one-and-half miles apart. Each Aid Station is supplied with water, nuun electrolytes and minor first aid supplies like band aids and ice packs. Each Aid Station is approximately half a city blocks in length; participants are advised to continue moving through the Aid Station if the first tables are too crowded to conveniently obtain fluids.

Yes. The Statesman Capitol 10,000 race has a course time limit of 3-hours and 30-minutes for wheelchair athletes (7:30 a.m. start) and 2-hour limit for all other participants, at which time the course will re-open to vehicular traffic. Participants not maintaining the pace to finish within these times will be directed to get onto the sidewalk by race officials and the finish line will not remain open beyond this finishing time.

Digital clocks are positioned at the following locations throughout the course:

  • Starting line
  • 5K marker
  • Finish line

Digital clocks provide the elapsed event time (gun time). Mile markers will be positioned at each mile. Digital clocks at the finish line will display unofficial finish times. The elapsed event time begins with the 10K start at 8:00 a.m.

Spectators can electronically track multiple runners along the race course by using the new LIVE tracking results app from RunFAR Racing Services, Inc. Updates will be received as runners cross the 5K halfway point (3.1 miles) and at the 10K (6.2 miles) finish line. Sign up for Runner Tracking here.

live mobile tracking

What are live athlete updates?
You can receive updates on athletes as they cross points on the course and have them sent to email, Twitter and/or mobile phone.

How does it work?
• Available starting in March.
• Search for athletes for which you would like to receive updates.
• Select how you would like to receive these updates.

For the safety of our participants none of the above are allowed on the race course.