Race Photographer


Be sure to smile for their cameras as you run or walk along the race course! Race photographers will be capturing you multiple times throughout the race course as well as before and after the race. Smile when you see the race photographers in the bright yellow vests and make sure your bib number is clearly centered and visible on the front of your body so they will be able to identify you. Race photographers will also be at the finish line area taking photos to help you celebrate your accomplishment.

  • Photographers’ photos are sent to our CLOUD based technology.
  • Photos are tagged to runners based on BIB and/or FACIAL recognition. Your customized overlay is applied to the photos during this process as well.
  • Participants are AUTOMATICALLY notified via email when photos are ready.
  • Near real-time posting. All photos available to participants SAME DAY as the race.
  • Photos and videos are FREE to participants to view, download and share to social media.
  • NO login or email required to access photos.
  • Participants can EASILY find their photos by searching their name, bib number, or doing a selfie search in the photo gallery.

EnPhoto creates lasting memories that participants can receive as soon as they cross the finish line. Participant photos will be uploaded into the runner profile for viewing on EnMotive during the race.