Aid Stations

Hydration Zones

Four Aid Stations are located along the course approximately one-and-half miles apart. New this year NUUN electrolytes, lemon lime and strawberry lemonade served at each station. Each Aid Station is supplied with water, NUUN electrolytes, restrooms and minor first aid supplies like band aids and ice packs. Each Aid Station is in direct communications with the race’s Medical Support Team by radio. Runner Transport* vehicles are available upon request and can be summoned by Aid Station Captains.

*Runner Transport vehicles provide non-emergency transportation back to Auditorium Shores in the event that a participant is unable to complete the race.

Each Aid Station is approximately half a city blocks in length; participants are advised to continue moving through the Aid Station if the first tables are too crowded to conveniently obtain fluids.


Aid Station 1
Mile 1.25
Trinity St. & E. 15th St.

Aid Station 2
Mile 2.75
Enfield Rd. & West Lynn St.

Aid Station 3
Mile 3.60
Winsted Ln. & Highgrove Ter.

Aid Station 4
Mile 5.00
W. Cesar Chavez St.