Austin's Earth Day Challenge

Photo raffle contest

This April 22, it’s not just Earth Day, but it’s the 50th anniversary of the modern environmental movement. To honor this day, we’re launching a Cap10K Earth Day Photo Challenge, open now through April 30.

The rules are simple: Submit a nature photo of a beautiful flower or tree in your backyard or along a walk in your neighborhood. Social distancing, please. Earth Day is also about civic responsibility, so include photos of conservation or sustainability for extra credit. Enter your photo in one of three categories:  Nature, Conservation or Sustainability. We’ll pick 3 winners in a raffle-style drawing from the photos in each category and share on social media and

In addition to our photo contest, we’re also sharing some fun activities that The Sierra Club has created to celebrate Earth Day’s noteworthy anniversary. Click on the link below to learn more.

How to submit photos

Step 1

Explore responsibly

Take every opportunity to responsibly explore your home, yard or neighborhood to find symbols of nature, conservation or sustainability. The following are examples of what might fit in one of the three contest categories:

Nature: trees, leaves, wildflowers, butterflies, pill bugs, worms, dogs, turtles, squirrels

Conservation: recycling container, rain barrel, compost bin, bird house, reusable bottles and bags

Sustainability: solar panels, wind turbine, vegetable garden, fruit tree, bus ticket, bicycle, home cooking

earth day dog

Step 2

Snap a photo

This Earth Day, share your world with a photo. Use your smartphone to capture and catalog your photos.  Individual photos are nice but why not include a collage of your expedition? Use your own layout builder or download a free collage-maker app to assemble your personal photos.

earth day bird house

Step 3

Add an explorer badge

Download and save one of these Earth Day explorer badges and use them as one of the photos in your photo collage. The explorer badge will help us sort your photos into one of the three contest categories. 

earth day wind

Step 4

Submit your entry

Now that you’ve researched, explored and cataloged your Earth Day adventure, let’s get it published. Select the button below to submit your photo collage entry.

earth day fruit

Participation Guidelines

Photo raffle

  • Participation is free
  • Keep it real: Please only use photos captured live on your smart phone. No web photos.
  • A four-image-square grid layout preferred
  • Explore badge encouraged but not required
  • Social distancing recommended
  • Explore responsibly: Check local public access restrictions before each outing
  • The Statesman reserves the right to publish entries
  • Photo submission period is from 4/13/20 to 4/30/20
  • Winners drawn and announced on 5/1/20
  • Have fun, be safe and celebrate our Earth!
earth day fish


Photo raffle

A first-, second- and third–place raffle gift are awarded in each of three photo categories: Nature, Conservation and Sustainability. 

  • 1st place receives a signature Statesman Cap10K logo embroidered race hat
  • 2nd place receives Sierra Club tote bag
  • 3rd place receives a 32 oz. Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM) canteen

Photo Gallery