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Houndstooth Coffee logo


Gracy Farms 10K

Wednesday, June 2, 2021
What started as an affinity for coffee and coffee shop culture has grown into a love for sharing quality beverages with anyone and everyone. As a locally owned and operated business, Houndstooth Coffee seeks to be an integral pattern in the fabric of the Texas Coffee community.





The Domain
11501 Rock Rose Ave., Suite 118
Austin, TX 78758


Google Location Map


There is no official start time,
go for a run when you’re ready.

Coffee House Hours
Mon. – Fri.
8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Sat. & Sun
7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.


Run, Walk, Skip or Stroll
Participation is Free
Parking is Free in designated areas

Distance: Up to 6-miles

Not 10K fit yet? No problem.
Follow the map and u-turn at any point to shorten the distance.


Run by yourself, with your family or with a friend.
Make sure you have a map.
Bring your smartphone for route tracking, directions or photos.
Use sidewalk, pedestrian path, or bike lane when possible.
Travel on the side of the street facing oncoming traffic for safety.
No restroom or aid station services provided the route.


Check the local forecast with KVUE weather or sunrise time before you head out the door.

KVUE Weather

Sunrise Times

Run Go

New Route Guide

Discover a new way to enjoy Austin’s Coffee House 10Ks with RunGo’s voice-guided tour. Download RunGo from the App Store or get it on Google Play. Explore each of our Sunrise Tour routes with turn-by-turn voice navigation. Now you can relax and focus on the run.

Route Stats

Route Surface

1.80-mi. Sidewalk Only
1.75-mi. Bike Lane or Sidewalk
1.70-mi. Paved Pedestrian Path
0.15-mi. Trail Dirt
0.80-mi. Neighborhood Street


Left or Right turns

Traffic Lights

Traffic Lights or Street Crossings
Rail Road Crossings
4-Way Stop


189 ft.
Elev. Gain

637 ft.
Min. Elev.

771 ft.
Max. Elev.

430 ft.
Min. Elev.

600 ft.
Max. Elev.

Be A Great Customer

Hygiene Safety

Please observe and follow proper hygiene safety when visiting your local coffee house.

Face mask required.
Practice social distancing of 6-feet.
Wash hands frequently.
Cover coughs and sneezes.
Avoid touching your face.
Utilize mobile pay when available.

Available Services

Order online
(for online orders select Rock Rose location for pick-up)

Order Ahead


Limited outside seating available. No inside seating at this time. Dogs allowed outside.


Plan ahead, restrooms are for customers only. Please be courteous.

Additional Parking

Limited street parking. Look for free garage and surface lot locations on route map.


Stay home if you have any of the these symptoms:

shortness of breath
muscle pain
sore throat
loss of taste or smell
nausea or vomiting

Training routes are run and walk-friendly, free, open to the public and begin and end at each respective coffee house location. There is no official start time and there is no official timing or scoring. Digital course maps and directions are provided online. Pick up a printed copy of the route from the coffee house during normal business hours. Parking information is variable based on the location. Follow local parking information for parking policy.

This is a self-guided and self-paced activity. There are no street closures or directional signage marking the training route. Participants should abide by and follow all local and state traffic safety signage and public use information. Training routes are measured to an approximate 6.2-mile distance however, participants always have the option to u-turn at any point to match their fitness ability. Training route surfaces will vary from sidewalks and crushed granite to paved pathways and bike lanes.

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Participation in Austin’s Coffee House 10K training routes are potentially hazardous to the health of individuals who are not in good physical condition and health, and they should not participate unless medically able and properly trained. All participants must abide by the rules and decisions of any event organized, and assume all risks associated with the event and any associated event or activities, including but not limited to falls, contact with other participants, and effects of the weather, traffic, road conditions, and all such risks being known and appreciated.


I acknowledge and ASSUME ALL OF THE RISKS and aspects of the Event. I acknowledge that running, walking and other portions of an event are inherently dangerous and I understand that I will be participating in an Event at my own risk, that I am responsible for the risk of participation in an Event, and that I am waiving and releasing my legal rights to sue for any injury or damages arising out of or resulting from my participation in an Event. I understand that I am solely responsible for the conditions of the areas in which I will be participating in the Event and that the Event Organizer has no control over these areas nor will they incur any liability if I should become injured during participation. I understand that participation involves risks and dangers which include, without limitation, the potential for serious bodily injury, sickness and disease, permanent disability, paralysis and loss of life; loss of or damage to equipment/property; exposure to extreme conditions and circumstances; accidents, contact or collision with other participants, spectators, vehicles or other natural or manmade objects; dangers arising from adverse weather conditions; imperfect course conditions; water, road and surface hazards; equipment failure; inadequate safety measures; participants of varying skill levels and situations beyond the immediate control of the Event Organizers. I further understand that any injury or damages incurred may be the result of negligence, omission or carelessness by the Released Parties.

Having read this disclaimer and knowing these facts, and in consideration of the acceptance of my participation into Austin’s Coffee House 10K Events, participants waive and release Gannett Co., Inc, d/b/a  Austin American-Statesman, and any other individuals, firms and organizations associated with the activity, their representatives, and successors, from all claims of liabilities or any kind resulting in whole or in part from participation in Austin’s Coffee House 10K Events or the acts or omissions by and organization, firm or individual that take place in connection with Austin’s Coffee House 10K Events. By participating in Austin’s Coffee House 10K Events, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of this Disclaimer and Release of Liability.

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If you have a general question about the Austin’s Coffee House 10K – Sunrise Tour or if you would like more info about being a tour partner please let us know.

Event Organizer

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2023 Reg Is Open April 16, 2023