What is your top turkey day feast side dish and do you run/walk on Thanksgiving Day?

My top turkey day feast side dish is celery stuffed with cream cheese. I look forward to this side dish every year because my grandma used to make it. My Thanksgiving tradition is to run the Thundercloud Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day and then enjoy a turkey feast with my family.


Mashed potatoes is my favorite just to carb up for the run that invariably has and will come.


I didn’t celebrate thanksgiving until I had kids of my own; now we make all the traditional foods including pecan, pumpkin and apple pie. We love apple pie with Mexican vanilla ice cream from Amy’s .

On that day we usually eat breakfast together and then we go for a bike ride or run at the downtown trail.



Most Thanksgivings I’ve done a turkey trot…this last year, my son and I started a tradition of doing the Thundercloud Turkey Trot together and we’re doing it again this year.
We always look forward to cooking as a family with friends on Thanksgiving and it’s a great day for hanging out and sharing food/stories. The key to a great Thanksgiving is a moist turkey and great gravy. I’m a gravy snob and I’m also the gravy-maker. Aside from that, my wife’s squash-corn casserole is killer and a crowd-pleaser!


I look forward to eating mash potatoes and gravy each year during my Thanksgiving meal. For Thanksgiving I always run a turkey trot in the morning and hurry back home to cook a full meal.


I love my green bean casserole. Its a dish that year after year tastes better than I remember. Thanksgiving day is always race day! I have a busy work schedule that keeps me from running much August through October so Thanksgiving day is the beginning of my racing season.


My favorite pie for Thanksgiving Day is Sweet Potato. I try to do some activity (walk, run, throw a ball around, etc.) on Thanksgiving is offset my over indulgence.


My favorite is home made pumpkin pie. Yes, I run Thanksgiving morning. Most people eat Thanksgiving lunch or have an early dinner but my family cooks all day. The entire family helps in the preparation of food and we eat Thanksgiving dinner around 7:00 pm. The Thanksgiving celebration is extended until we run out of Thanksgiving food.


All of it! Which is why I run on Thanksgiving Day 😊


I used to roll my eyes at people who ran on Thanksgiving Day – until I joined the Pfun Runners. Now, finding a Turkey Day 5k is one of my favorite traditions. My family gathers in my hometown (Hondo) for Thanksgiving. Hondo doesn’t host any races, but I’ve found towns close by that do. (My favorite being the San Antonio Turkey Trot, which benefits the Food Bank.) I’ve managed to talk my cousin into participating in a few. Then, last year, my sister and brother-in-law joined me for a virtual race. She and her husband walked while I ran. I was waiting at the “finish line” with medals.

Even though I don’t get to run with my friends in Pflugerville, I love know that we are running together in spirit. It gives me a chance to get out and enjoy the quiet before heading back to the chaos and fun of our family Thanksgiving. It also helps me feel better about all the food I eat that day.


Apple Pie! After recently buying a home in Buda, my new tradition is to run the Buda Turkey Trot!


I usually try to get a run or walk before I start to help with the cooking. On Thanksgiving day I’ll make my fruit salad and help my mom with the cooking. I’ll have a slice of pumpkin pie and my fruit salad and end the day being with my mom.


All of the above mentioned pies 😆. We try to run or do some other activity to make up for our gluttony 😆.


Pecan pie all day! Can’t beat that filling in the middle! I run whether it’s a virtual race or downtown ATX Turkey Trot. Ran the Arlington Turkey Trot in 2016 before we attended the Cowboys game. Always run on Turkey Day! Takes away the guilty I feel for all the bad food I consume on that day!


I’m not too big of a pie person… I’d rather focus my time on stuffing and turkey. Our family tradition has always been to run the Thundercloud Turkey Trot in Austin. Such a great running atmosphere! Plus, after running, I always feel a little better eating that extra helping of mac and cheese.