Training Equipment: What shoes are you currently training in; why did you choose them?

I currently train in a couple of different shoes! I use the HOKA Mach 5 for my shorter runs and speed workouts, and I am currently in the process of deciding if I’ll stick with the HOKA Clifton 8 or the Bondi X for my longer runs. I like the Clifton 8 and the Bondi X for the extra cushioning they provide, the Bondi X is especially great for supporting my high arches. The Mach 4 is super light weight with a good bounce for my speed workouts. I love being able to train in different which allows my body to become well balanced in strengthening all of my muscles, and not getting too accustomed to one shoe in particular!


I really like HOKA…although I use multiple shoes/different brands for different terrain and races, my go-to trainer is HOKA Clifton, which I purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Cedar Park. It is very supportive and has a great amount of cushion, to minimize the chance of injury. I also really like the lighter HOKA Mach Supersonic (that has a carbon plate) for racing. It still has a good amount of cushion but is also very responsive!


HOKA One One Carbon X 3 – The orange ones! I was told when I found the right running shoe brand my feet would sing, and boy did they sing in HOKAs. I originally started in the Clifton models for the stability but soon fell in love with the Carbon X models They feel incredibly lightweight and they come in orange my favorite color.


I am currently training in the Hoka One One Evo Carbon Rocket shoes. I got these shoes from Hoka when I was a run lead since they sponsor the Life Time run club. I prefer this shoe because it is a very lightweight shoe at only 7 Oz with a carbon fiber sole. It is made of an open mesh.


I am currently training in the Altra Escalante 2 and smitten with its’ foot shape and zero drop (i.e. cushion is even from heel to toe, so your foot stays flat). I enjoy a natural running feel with a wide toe box and these shoes keep me honest –no hiding behind layers of elevated heel cushion as my body tells me if something hurts before it gets serious. I transitioned to Altra’s about 4 years ago and it did take a couple weeks for my body to adjust. It was worth it though as Altra’s have helped to keep me injury free and able to wear clear toenail polish. I am on my last pair of 2’s though and look forward to checking out the newer version(s).


New Balance 880’s. Consider it superstitious but it’s because I was born 8/8/80.


I have use two different shoes: brooks Ghost, I like them for runs less than 13 miles. I buy them at Fleet Feet Austin . My second favorite is the Adidas supernova, I use this for runs longer than 13.2 miles and to run any race. They have more space for my toes and I like that. I usually order them from their website.


I train in Brooks. It has been my go to running shoe brand the last couple of years. They fit my feet really well and the designs and colors are really cool.


I have worn Brooks Ghost running shoes for almost a decade. I was fitted at Fleet Feet in high school and wore them even to play club field hockey in college, as they did well on turf for me. I have gotten a new pair about once a year since then. Currently, I wear the Ghost 14s for most runs. Sometimes I buy running shoes for pure fashion, though. For instance, I have a texas flag pair and a new cereal collection pair from Brooks, too. These shoes I find are fun to wear for easy going runs. Since I have been fitted and worn the brand for years, I usually buy directly from the Brooks website. Brooks has been my favorite running shoe brand for years!

Liza Kate

I thought I would never ever run in a Nike shoe, but I was given this pair as a gift and I absolutely love them. I feel like I’m able to run correctly and faster because the shoe gently pushes me forward and gravity takes over from there. I have less injuries and my speed increased when running in this shoe. I highly recommend this shoe.


I rotate a lot of shoes. I do my long runs in New Balance 1080’s or Adidas Boston 10’s. I don’t love high stack shoes, but the extra foam helps to reduce the strain on joints so I can avoid soreness the next day. On special occasions pull out a pair of Adidas Boston Boost 6’s I have stashed in the back of my closet. I prefer feeling connected to the ground so I look for a lower drop shoe (10mm or less) with a low stack height and good spring from the foam.


I am currently training in Saucony Triumph 17. Before I started getting into long distance running, I was all about the style of the shoe. But once I realized shoes make a HUGE difference with my performance I was drawn to Saucony for their great stability and cushiony running shoe.


Saucony Guide ISO2. Before I was educated on running shoes I would buy shoes that were stylish. Constantly would have lower leg pain or foot injuries and never knew why! It was my shoes! Learned my feet overpronate. This model of shoe provides the inner arch support my feet need.