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Ready to get moving? Download the 10 or 12-week training schedule to help guide you on your journey to complete this year’s Statesman Capitol 10K. Use the incremental mileage plan to gradually build your fitness this spring. Stay on track with the weekly plan and we’ll see you at the starting line.
12-Week Training Plans
10-Week Training Plans

This spring, join the Statesman Cap10K on a new adventure that combines your interest in exploring new training routes with the love for coffee: Austin’s Coffee House 10K Sunrise Tour. Now on its fourth tour, we’re inviting you to join us again each week to explore custom-designed 5K & 10K routes that start and finish at local coffee houses. Reconnect with friends and meet new ones. Join us at the start line of this satisfying new training opportunity. On Apr. 2nd we feature Mozart’s Coffee Roaster & Bakery for the Lake Effect Glow 10K.

Join the tour here: New this spring for the tour is our Refer a Friend program because it’s so much more fun to train with a sidekick! Receive $2 back for every friend you register*, and $2 off your compadre’s registration.

Training Tour

We highly recommend you add the Strava app to your next training run, and we sure hope you join one of our excellent Strava clubs. If you’re looking for motivation, inspiration, and community connection this is it–Strava clubs, challenges, and segments keep you moving.

Tracking App

The Cap10K is about community and commitment. So who better to represent our 45th race than 20 inspirational members of Austin’s running community. We are absolutely thrilled to partner with local runners who are outgoing, fitness-minded, and socially active individuals. They will bring their respective areas of expertise to our race.

The ambassadors will offer personal training tips and experiential advice leading up to the big day and helpful motivation to keep our Cap10K runners moving forward.

Training Advice

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2023 Reg Is Open April 16, 2023