Arrive Early Plan your morning in reverse by starting with your corral start time and working backwards to allow enough time so you’re not rushed. Leaving yourself time to find parking, meetup with friends, use the restroom, pose for few photo and line up in your corral will make the morning more enjoyable.

Parking Follow these two insider tips to take the stress out of finding parking in downtown Austin. First, make sure you have a plan with more than one alternate parking location, incase there’s traffic or area is full. In most cases, the parking garages on the south side of the river will be full by 7:30 a.m. Second, City of Austin parking meters are free on Sundays. Take advantage of the huge inventory of parking just north of the river.

Pre-race Prep One signature task of every serious athlete is to set out their running outfit the night before. This will save time in the morning, relieve undue stress and get you pumped for the race. Make sure you pin your race number to the front of your shirt, set out your shoes, socks, shorts so they’re ready to slip on. Don’t forget to bring your phone, spibelt, credit card or cash and clip for your car keys. Finally, do some neck rolls to loosen up your neck ’cause that finisher’s medal is heavy.

Road Closures Keep in mind that the most direct path to the race in the morning may encounter some street closures. We recommend using the Waze app to make sure your race morning commute includes an on time route around detours. The Waze app will show important detours that most navigation apps will not show. Your rideshare service may not know about street closures so be ready to give them directions so you’re not delayed.

Ride Sharing Take advantage of parking in less congested areas on the perimeter of the race and schedule ride share services the rest of the way. This will give you the opportunity to drive up as close to the start venue as possible and get dropped off. And on the return trip when your legs are tired, it will be nice to have a lift back to your car.

Carpool It takes a little more time to organize but it’s much more fun with group of friends or family. This is the one time a back seat drive is useful–carmates can help you navigate to the race, look for parking, stay on schedule, and celebrate your victory at the finish line.

Reunion Area Make a plan before the race starts to have a meeting spot for your group, it’ll save searching time and give you more time to enjoy the finish line festival. The Friends & Family Reunion Area is located outside the finisher’s exit chute. Once you’ve received your finisher’s medal, exit the chute and reunite with friends and family to celebrate your 10K victory. Large overhead alphabetical signs are spaced out along the lawn. Stand next to one of the letters to make it easy for your group to see and find each other.

Allergies If you have a serious allergy medical condition, make sure you note the issue on the back of your race bib. Medial staff will research your registration profile from your race number however, first responders will have a head start if you include critical info on your race bib number. We hope you have a successful and safe race but in the event of a medical response the info you provide can assist us in addressing your issue quicker.

Bring Your Phone There are several reasons why having your smartphone with you on race day will benefit you. If there are any important race day instructions, they will be published on our website and sent through social media. Race results and athlete tracking can be done instantly from your phone. Calling or messaging is a great way to reunite with friends and family at the finish line festival. Finally, there are lots of great photo opportunities to capture your experience at this year’s Cap10K.

Social Media Make sure you’re connected on Facebook and Twitter for special announcements about the race. The race website and social media are essential ways for the race to communicate information about weather delays or special instructions from race officials. Be the first to know, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Corral Start Times
Do not be late to your corral. To ensure each corral is advanced to the start line for an ontime start, CORRAL GATES WILL CLOSE 5-MINUTES PRIOR TO CORRAL START TIME. If you are unable to get to your corral before the gates are closed you must start in the next available open corral.

7:55 a.m. A corral Gates Close
8:00 a.m. A corral Start
8:05 a.m. B corral Gates Close
8:10 a.m. B corral Start
8:15 a.m. C corral Gates Close
8:20 a.m. C corral Start
8:25 a.m. D corral Gates Close
8:30 a.m. D corral Start
8:35 a.m. E&F corral Gates Close
8:40 a.m. E&F corral Start

Costume Contest Registering your costume contest entry is as easy as emailing your photo. Snap a photo of your costume and simply email the photo to . Don’t forget to include the costume category in the email subject line so we know where to place the photo.

Food Trucks Authentic Austin Food Trucks will be on the shores serving up hot brunch. Don’t forget to slip a credit card or some cash into that little pocket on your running shorts for ordering food after the race. Food Trucks will be serving coffee, breakfast tacos, fruit smoothies, gyros, grilled cheese and more.

Scooters Take advantage of parking in less congested areas on the perimeter of the race and hop on a scooter to ride back and forth to the race. Be respectful of traffic laws and don’t leave scooters in pedestrian pathways. Scooters are not allowed on the race course, Austin Police Department will enforce violations.

Bicycle Parking Ride your bike to the race. Visit our FREE convenient bike corral near The Long Center for the Performing Arts located at the corner of South First Street and West Riverside Drive. It’s the perfect spot between the start and finish venues and save the stress of morning traffic. Remember to bring you own lock to secure your bicycle.

Baby Joggers The Family Baby Jogger Starting Area is a family friendly staging area for baby joggers with a few great perks. Join us at the baby jogger staging area near Corral D for family only restrooms, diaper changing tent, complimentary juice boxes, and free pinwheels for kids. Baby Joggers & Strollers are not allowed in corrals A,B & C regardless of the athletes assigned corral letter.

Start Conservatively The first half of the Cap10K course is more challenging than the second half. There’s a lot of excitement running towards the State Capitol but pace yourself through the first 5K and you will finish strong. With live athlete tracking you can check your pace at the 5K mark to see if you’re on track to achieving your personal race goals.

Restrooms on Course There are restrooms at each aid station on the course. If you’ve settled into your start corral but then have to go to the restroom–no need to leave right away. The most immediate restrooms are 200 yards north of the start line, at aid station #1 just after mile one and then at mile 1.5 just north of the Capitol.

Hydration Each aid station is serviced with WATER first then NUUN Electrolytes second. If you are experiencing muscle cramps choose the electrolytes first before continuing to rehydrate with water. Good course etiquette is to pull off to the side of the race course to drink so that participants that are continuing to run do not have to stop behind you.

King & Queen of the Hill You don’t have to win the race to be crowned the King or Queen of the Hill, all you have to do is run your fastest for about one-block or approximately 200 yards to the top of the course’s second highest point and you could be crowned. Winners will receive a prestigious polka dot jersey to commemorate the fastest hill climb.

Dogs & Baby Joggers Leashed Pets, Baby Joggers & Strollers are not permitted to start in Corrals A & B regardless of the race bib assignment. For the safety of all participants, pets and joggers/strollers are not allowed because they pose tip hazards. Corrals A & B are populated with dense fast moving athletes and pets and jogger/strollers are not suitable for these areas.

First Aid If you have a medical issue seek out an Aid Station location if possible. Staff at each aid station can call for medical support to assist you. Aid Stations are located at mile 1.25, 2.5, 3.5 & 5.0. If you witness a medical emergency call 9-1-1 and give specific cross street locations instructions. We have medical teams traveling along the course to respond to medical issues if they arise.

Course Etiquette Do you part to keep the pack moving, walkers to the right and runners to the left. Just like on the highway, slower moving traffic stays right and passing is always on the left.  Help us make everyone’s experience and performance optimal by following this simple course etiquette.

Dress for the Weather Texas weather can change by the hour so be prepared. A quick tip for staying warm before the race is to choose an old t-shirt or sweatshirt that you don’t use anymore and wear it on top of your race outfit. Once the race starts just hang it on the fence and we’ll recycle it. All discarded clothing at the start line is assumed abandoned and will be collected and donated.

Live Mobile Tracking Connect with our Live Mobile Tracking to keep tabs on where your friends and family are on the race course. The tracking will let you know when a participant has crossed the start line, climbed the king & queen of the hill, passed the halfway mark, reached the 5-mile mark and finished the race. Share your race number with friends and family and they can watch your progress.

Wave Start The purpose of wave starts, by corral assignment, insures like paced athletes start together. Like paced athletes move through the course more efficiently than a hodge podge group of athletes. Efficiency comes in starting quicker; aid stations are more accessible; there’s more room to run; race times improve; and lines at the finish festival are shorter.