Wednesday’s in March

Meeting Place: Hops & Grain Brewing
Activity: Time-based Interval Workout
Participation: Free
Parking: Free
Standing Meeting: Every Wednesday
Meeting Time: 6:30 p.m.
Running Time: 6:35 p.m. (leave by)
Weather Forecast: 76ºF High & 50ºF

Club Mixer

Come out and join us for mixer with one of our neighboring training groups East Side Beer Runners. This is a great way to visit one of many local programs around the city that enjoy the appeal of running and group training. Unique to ESB’s training is the toast to a great workout with a complimentary beer from Hops & Grain Brewing after the run. This mixer meets at Hops & Grain every Wednesday evening after work.


Where we Start

start_17Hops & Grain Brewery is located at 507 Calles St #101, Austin, TX 78702. The brewery is located at the corner of East 6th Street & Calles Street in a renovated warehouse district area. The East Side Beer Runners group meets at the picnic tables outside the Hops & Grain Brewery. From the brewery there is convenient access to nearby parks, tracks and scenic neighborhoods for training.

Parking & Meeting Spot Map

About the Workout

East Side Beer (ESB) Runners continues a long tradition of merging two passions that have created a community out of pounding pavement and pints. Run. Beer. Repeat. Each week the ESBs meet for a time-based quality workout that’s roughly an hour. This group styled training is a great way to meet new runners, learn new training skills and motivate each other to a greater fitness level. Since the workouts are time-based, they’re essentially as hard as you want them to be and everyone finishes at the same time. Each workout rotates between hills, track, tempo and fartlek styled training. After the training run, everyone meets back at Hops & Grain Brewing where the first beer is on the house. Drinking is not required and water is available.

At each meeting the route and workout plan are reviewed by the ESB’s group leader before the training run begins. Maps are provided at each meeting. It’s recommended that you bring your own water bottle.

East Side Beer Runners

After the Run

After a round of high fives, join the ESB’s in the Hops & Grain Brewery tap room for the first round of beer. Hops & Grain Brewery is always brewing up new small batch flavors that can only be sampled in the tap room. Bring your money if you want to sample additional flights.


Hops & Grain Brewing


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