Saturday, February 10, 2018

Meeting Place: Austin American-Statesman
Activity: Run, Walk, Skip or Stroll
Participation: Free
Parking: Free
Meeting Time: 8:00 a.m.
Running Time: 8:05 a.m. (leave by)
Sunrise Time: 7:15 a.m.
Weather Forecast: 71ºF High & 42ºF
Route Map: MapMyRun 3 mi. | 5 mi.

Where we Start

start_17The Austin American-Statesman is located at 305 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78704. The Statesman’s West parking lot is at the intersection of Barton Springs Rd. and S. Congress Ave., look for the white flags at the north end of the parking lot. Parking is free for those attending Austin 10K’r events.

Parking & Meeting Spot Map

What You Get

  • A super fun 3 to 5-mile run through downtown Austin to see the new Central Library and cross the new Butterfly Bridge.
  • Re-hydrate with Nuun, Cap10K’s official on-course hydration drink.
  • Sign up in advance for free Fusionetic Screening, from Baylor Scott & White Health.
  • Free Clif Bar samples (post run)
  • DASANI bottled water (pre & post run).
  • Special edition Cap10K ‘Dillo Shoe Laces (while supplies last).
  • And some good ol’ fashion high fives when you finish.

Fusionetics Screening Sign-up

This Week’s Partners

What to Bring

  • Friends & family, co-workers, best buds and girlfriends.
  • Your smart phone to capture the fun and make your followers jealous (#CentralLibraryRun).
  • Did you forget your watch, wear test one of our Polar M400 GPS watches (three available).
  • Baby Joggers welcome.
  • Leashed pets welcome.




Central Library Run – Route Description

The Central Library Run is a creative 3 to 5-mile route that travels across the river into downtown with a quick stretch down West 6th and then a majestic crossing of the new Butterfly Bridge on West 2nd. From the bridge the new Austin Central Public Library can be viewed nestled along the beautifully landscaped banks of Shoal Creek. This urban route is a combination of sidewalk and pedestrian paths that finishes with scenic hike ‘n’ bike trail along the lake.

From the Statesman’s West parking lot the route heads down the hike and bike trail towards S. First St. bridge. Use the pedestrian bridge along the East side of the S. First St. bridge to cross North over Lady Bird Lake. Connect with Lavca St. and continue North up to W. Sixth St. If you’re doing 3-miles, hang a left at W. 6th St. and go over three blocks to Nueces St. and hang another left. If you’re doing 5-miles, stay straight on Lavaca St. for one more mile up to W. MLK Jr. Blvd. (W. 19th St.) and hang a left, go over three blocks to Nueces St. and hang another left. For both routes stay on Nueces St. until you reach W. Second St. Turn right at W. Second St. and cross the new Butterfly Bridge over to the the new Austin Central Public Library. At W. Second St. and West Ave. take a left; down one-block to W. Cesar Chavez St. and then right; down one-block to Walter Seaholm Dr. and then right again; up one-block to Electric Dr. (W. 2nd St.) and take a left. This should have taken you around the renovated Seaholm Power Plant. On Electric Dr. before traffic circle take the trailhead of the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge on left. The Pfluger bridge will take you back across Lady Bird Lake to the South shore. Take the hike and bike trail to your left along the lake all the way back to the Congress Avenue bridge and the Statesman parking lot where we started. Run accomplished!

It is our recommendation that participants use sidewalks, pedestrian pathways or hike & bike trails and avoid using the street. There are NO STREET CLOSURES for this route. Participants should obey traffic and pedestrian laws at all times. Please use caution when crossing streets and only cross at designated cross walks.

Print Map with Directions

Literally 15 Instagrams from the Austin Central Library grand opening
Maribel Molina

PHOTOS: Take a look inside the new Austin Central Library on Oct. 23
Ralph Barrera / American-Statesman


After the Run

  • Enjoy iced down DASANI bottled water.
  • Rehydrate with Nuun electrolyte enhanced water.
  • Warm up with fresh brewed, locally roasted and organically grown Ruta Maya Coffee.
  • Savor some free Clif Builder’s Protein bar samples.
  • Post your Central Library Run photos using our official hashtags: #CentralLibraryRun, #Austin10Kr or #Cap10K

To make the most of your training, consume a meal, either whole-food or liquid form, within an hour after your workout containing both fast-digesting carbs and protein. This will prevent your body from using its own muscle tissue for energy and help encourage muscle synthesis.

Intense workouts take a toll on your muscles. Muscle protein breaks down during exercise and undergoes repair during post-workout recovery. Timing your intake to meet your body’s needs for amino acids, the building blocks of protein, allows you to optimize both muscle building and repair. Choose protein rich foods within 30 minutes after exercising to provide needed amino acids to muscles.



Where We’re Going





The social runs have begun to take off in popularity and we could use an extra set of hands on occasion to prepare the activities for each meeting. Light set-up and clean-up opportunities available for those who want to sandwich their run with volunteering before and after the meet-up. Also, looking for those local yokels who’ve been their-done that, to share their experience for running and walking in Austin. Good directions and insight on local routes always welcomed by novice guests. If you’d like to share your time please email us for more info.

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