Saturday, February 11, 2017

Meeting Place: Austin American-Statesman (West Lot)
Participation: Free
Parking: Free (Location)
Meeting Time: 8:00 a.m.
Running Time: 8:05 a.m. (leave by)
Sunrise Time: 7:14 a.m.
Route Map: MapMyRun
Course Map

Where we Start

start_17The Austin American-Statesman is located at 305 South Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78704. The Statesman’s West parking lot is at the intersection of Barton Springs Rd. and S. Congress Ave., look for the black Cap10K tent and white flags at the north end of the parking lot. Parking is free for those attending Austin 10K’r events.


What You Get

  • A super fun 3 to 6-mile run into South Austin, deep into the historic Bouldin Creek Neighborhood.
  • Free samples of the New Nut Butter Filled peanut butter bar from Clif Bar (post run)
  • Evamor bottled water (pre & post run).
  • Special edition armadillo tattoos.
  • And some good ol’ fashion high fives when you finish.


What to Bring

  • Friends & family, co-workers, best buds and girlfriends.
  • Your smart phone to capture the fun and make your followers jealous (#CapitolRun).
  • Baby Joggers welcome.
  • Leashed pets welcome.


Bouldin Run – Route Description

map_my_route_17One of Austin’s oldest neighborhoods, Bouldin Creek dates to the turn of the century, with several historic homes dating to that era still standing. Bouldin Creek was home to one of Austin’s most famous voices, the late speaker, writer, and first amendment rights activist John Henry Faulk, whose boyhood residence, the landmark 1894 Victorian mansion of Dr. E.W. Herndon, is now occupied by Green Pastures Restaurant. Other neighborhood notables include Negro League baseball great Willy Wells and UT Tower gunman Charles Whitman. (source Bouldin Creek Neighborhood Association)

The Bouldin Run route will start at the Austin American-Statesman’s bat viewing area and travel west on Barton Springs Rd. towards Palmer Event Center. One block west of South First St. the route will turn south on Bouldin Ave. Bouldin will head due south until it dead ends at W. Live Oak St. and Green Pastures Restaurant. The route then shifts west one block to S. Fifth St. and continues south down to Galindo Elementary School near Ben White Blvd.

It is our recommendation that participants use sidewalks, pedestrian pathways or hike & bike trails and avoid using the street. There are NO STREET CLOSURES for this route. Participants should obey traffic and pedestrian laws at all times. Please use caution when crossing streets and only cross at designated cross walks.


After the Run

  • Enjoy iced down bottled water and sports drink to re-hydrate.
  • Savor samples of Clif Bar’s NEW Nut Butter Filled bar.
  • Post your wildflower seeding excursion photos using our official hashtags: #BouldinRun, #Austin10Kr or #Cap10K


Turn by Turn Directions

• From the Statesman West Parking lot travel west on Barton Springs Rd.
• LEFT at Bouldin Ave. and go south.
• U-TURN at W. James St. for 2 mi. round trip.
• CONTINUE south on Bouldin Ave.
• RIGHT at W. Annie St. and QUICK LEFT back south on Bouldin Ave.
• CAUTION. Use caution crossing W. Mary St. continue south on Bouldin Ave.
• U-TURN at W. Johanna St. for 3 mi. round trip.
• CONTINUE south on Bouldin Ave.
• RIGHT at W. Live Oak St. and go (1) block.
• LEFT at S. Fifth St. and continue south to W. Oltorf St.
• CAUTION. Use caution crossing W. Oltorf St. continue south on S. Fifth St.
• U-TURN at Juanita St. for 4 mi. round trip.
• CONTINUE south on S. Fifth St.
• U-TURN at Barton Skyway for 5 mi. round trip.
• CONTINUE south on S. Fifth St. (1) block to Cardinal Ln.
• LEFT on Cardinal Ln. and go (1) block.
• RIGHT on S. Second St. and continue south.
• U-TURN at first driveway in front of Galindo Elementary School for 6 mi. round trip and retrace your steps back to Statesman.