Make time to schedule proper hydration.

“Getting ready for the #Cap10K? The best runners will finish the race in a half hour (give or take), but for many of us a 10K is a true endurance event,” says Dr. Heather Fullerton, Baylor, Scott & White Health Physiatrist.

We all know that hydration is important during endurance activity. Dehydration compromises athletic performance and puts us at risk for heat illness. Overhydration, while uncommon at the 10K distance, can have serious health effects as well. But with an entire aisle dedicated to water and sports drinks at the grocery store, how do we know what to choose? The answer lies in the timing.

BEFORE EXERCISE: “The goal of drinking fluid before exercise is to start the physical activity at normal hydration levels,” Dr. Fullerton says.

“Your before-exercise beverage should have few to no calories. It should contain electrolytes, or be consumed with salty snacks. Drink 16–20 ounces of fluid 3-4 hours before exercise, another 8-12 ounces two hours before, and an additional 4-8 ounces of fluid 10 minutes prior to exercise.”

Dr. Heather Fullerton
Baylor, Scott & White Health – Austin/Round Rock