As race day gets closer, is stress starting to crop up?

“Meditation and visualization are fantastic tools for running, as well as life in general,” says Kendall Burleson, Baylor, Scott & White Health acupuncturist. “At least once per week, visualize your race day so you feel at peace when the day arrives.

“Positive manifestations are key, even if they seem unrealistic. Maybe it will help you to imagine yourself getting a second wind and sprinting past the elite runners right at the finish line.

“As far as meditation, people have this idea that it needs to be an hour of silence in order to reap any of the benefits like increased mental strength, decreased heart rate, and decreased muscle tension. I try to remind my patients that even 1 minute of focused deep-breathing is meditation.”

Kendall Burleson
Baylor, Scott & White Health – Austin/Round Rock