You know you want a post-race massage – but do you know what kind to get?

Baylor Scott & White Health masseuse Heidi Summers says a good rule of thumb for most athletes is to get a massage anytime from immediately after the event, up to 48 hours.

“If you are an athlete that receives a great deal of bodywork, you know your body. You know when you can receive therapy and what types you prefer.”

As to what kind, she says it depends on who you are and what type of therapy you desire.

“Generally, 0-48 hours after an event, you want to receive massage and keep the work circulatory focusing on broad muscle groups like glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves (ex: Swedish massage with compressions and mobilization techniques). The circulatory massage therapy will emphasize strokes and compressions going up to the heart to help increase blood flow and calm the athlete into the Parasympathetic Nervous Systemic response.”

Heidi Summers
Massage Therapist
Baylor, Scott & White Health – Austin/Round Rock