What do you wear on your regular runs?

Dermatologist Dr. Dominic Ricci of Baylor, Scott & White Health says if you’re worried about your skin, consider these three items when laying out your workout gear.

1. Hat: “Good for runners with thinning hair and those who don’t want to apply sunscreen above their eyes (see sunscreen tips). It is also good for protecting the eyes from the direct sunlight. It’s also an excellent way to protect your eyes when it is raining so you don’t have to squint.”

2. Glasses: “It will make your running more comfortable in the sunlight and protects that thin skin around the eyes from the sun.”

3. Technical clothing: “Good for wicking off sweat and functions like a sunscreen that won’t come off with sweat. If you can tolerate it, it is a great way to block out the sun. It may cause other problems with chaffing when it is raining or you are perspiring heavily but there are other tricks to prevent that.”

Dr. Dominic Ricci
Baylor, Scott & White Health – Austin/Round Rock