Looking for healthy snacks to keep you on the right #Cap10K track?

Try these 9 suggested by Baylor, Scott & White Health chef DyRell DiLorenzo

  1. Bananas are full of good quality carbs and a great source of potassium
  2. Edamame contain lots of protein and soy protein has been linked to lowering heart disease
  3. Rice cakes & peanut butter, rice cakes are low in calories and peanut butter is high in protein and healthy fats
  4. Smoothies provide a healthy dose of fiber and vitamins. Using soy or almond milk will cut the fat
  5. Re-fried beans on corn tortillas with a little salsa, great for a post-snack provides protein and folic acid.
  6. Nonfat Greek yogurt is a great source of protein and calcium
  7. Popcorn is a nice healthy snack to help with those salty cravings and a good way regulate your sodium levels. Sodium, in moderation, is essential for runners and helps keep you hydrated in turn it also assists with cramping. Depending on how much you sweat will depend on how much sodium you lose.
  8. Wild salmon is a good protein and healthy omega-3 fats
  9. Fresh vegetables & fruit is an option you can never go wrong choosing

DyRell DiLorenzo
Food & Nutrition Service Chef
Baylor, Scott & White Health – Austin/Round Rock