Diet and sleep are important contributors to weight change.

If you’re working up to a 10K to drop some weight, don’t forget the role of not just diet, but sleep!

“If you are not giving your body the correct fuel or rest you cannot expect it to perform at a high level,” says Baylor, Scott & White Health Acupuncturist Kendall Burleson. “Also, both diet and sleep are important contributors to weight.

“The force on your knees equals 1.5-3 times your body weight when running, depending on the incline. That means for every 10 extra pounds you carry, you’re placing an additional 15-30 pounds on your knees.

“If getting into a healthy weight range is your goal, give yourself credit for every victory. Even if it feels like a small change to you, a 5 pound weight loss is a big deal for your joints.”

Kendall Burleson
Baylor, Scott & White Health – Austin/Round Rock