Wondering if running is good for your heart?

“There is a plethora of evidence that running is an excellent cardiovascular exercise,” says Dr. Vijay Divakaran.

“It tones the body, improves levels of cholesterol in the blood, lowers risk of heart attack or stroke in the long-term and burns calories. It also seems to have an impact on emotional well-being by providing an avenue for being outdoors, and for socializing with other runners.”

“Long distance running, on the other hand, is something that one should undertake after careful assessment of the risks and benefits. Proper training, hydration, appropriate footwear and nourishment are important to ensure that one can do long distance running without injuries.”

Check back for more running tips from the Baylor, Scott & White Health cardiologist ahead of the 2016 #cap10k!

Dr. Vijay Divakaran
Baylor, Scott & White Health – Austin/Round Rock