Keys to good hydration

Knowing what and how much to drink during each stage of endurance exercise (like the #Cap10K) is key to good hydration, says Baylor, Scott & White Health Physiatrist Heather Fullerton.

AFTER EXERCISE: “The goal of drinking fluid after exercise is to replace fully the fluid and electrolytes lost during activity. In general, regular meals and beverages will restore your natural balance.

“Recovery drinks should be less than 6 percent carbohydrates, so sports drinks are not the best choice. Protein may be added, in a 4:1 carbohydrate-to-protein ratio. For a tasty recovery drink that meets these criteria, try chocolate milk!”

Tell us! What is your favorite way to hydrate during or after a run?

Dr. Heather Fullerton
Baylor, Scott & White Health – Austin/Round Rock