Are You a City Champion?

Austin, TX – March 1, 2016
The Statesman Cap10K, High-Five Events and FloSports are proud to announce the launch of the Austin City Champions, a special award and recognition of the outstanding runners in the Austin area, as part of the upcoming Cap10K race in Austin on April 10th.

Austin City Champions will celebrate Austin’s running scene and local individuals dedicated to being the best in Austin at the Cap10K. To win, you must be a resident of The Austin Metro Area, and be the first-place Austin finisher in your division at the Statesman Capitol 10,000. City Champions will be named for both male and female Austin-area residents in each of the 21 different age groups. Winners will be recognized in the media and on the new City Champions Billboard on Town Lake Trail under the Congress Ave bridge.

Do you have what it takes to be a Cap10K City Champion? Signing up is easy! Just register, as you normally would, to run in the Statesman Capital 10,000 on April 10. If you’re an Austin resident, you will be automatically qualified to be a City Champion! To win, you must be the top Austin finisher in your division.

How to sign up: Just go to and sign up for the race. You don’t have to check any extra boxes or do anything fancy. If your address is within the Austin-area, you’ll be entered automatically.

There’s a contest, too! We’re giving away a free Cap10K registration each month! To enter you must:

1) Take your picture at the City Champion Sign on Town Lake Trail.

2) Post your picture to our sites with the tag #Cap10KCityChamp. Web: Twitter: @AustinCityChamp

3) Tell us what being a champion means to you.